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Bernhardt Feb 25, 2008

I would've settled for just a Legend of Mana Arrange Album; got a lot of favorite pieces from that soundtrack, but you could still fit them on a single Best-Made-Better album.

I've barely ever listened to anything else she had to offer.

Chris Feb 25, 2008

Given the lack of popularity of the game, I think that album would have flopped. A Kingdom Hearts arranged album would have been a successful choice but less interesting.

Bernhardt Feb 25, 2008 (edited Feb 25, 2008)

Chris wrote:

Given the lack of popularity of the game, I think that album would have flopped. A Kingdom Hearts arranged album would have been a successful choice but less interesting.

Yeah, that's the sad truth, alright...

Ramza wrote:

There are a LOT of Legend of Mana songs that could go for full orchestra. I was pissed at the time of the OST's release that no arranged album ever followed (this was back in the day when nearly every high-profile Square release came with AT LEAST one arranged album).

Heh, yeah, every Final Fantasy, maybe...although, Chocobo Dungeon DID get an orchestral album, and Xenogears had a Celtic arrange love for Brave Fencer Musashi, Dew Prism, SaGa Frontier 1 or 2, or Vagrant Story...but those weren't high profile titles, and I guess neither was Legend of Mana.

Which makes me ask, how in blazes did Parasite Eve manage a remix album?! Not like PE was that popular...

Cedille Feb 26, 2008

Of them, SF1 was definitely hard to call a low profile game, unlike Romancing SaGa 3 which had killed the retailers as terribly as Unlimited SaGa. Besides that, both PE1 and Chocobo sold more or less 1,000,000 copies in Japan, so there being the arranged albums of the latter two is reasonable to me. That being said, we know an arranged album isn't just a matter of sales, and part of me believe some composers aren't interested in releasing it that much.

Amazingu Feb 26, 2008

Wow, that's a pretty cool tracklist. I like the choices they made on the LoM tracks, and the KH tracks aren't all that obvious either.
My excitement is becoming increasingly hard to control!

CHz Feb 26, 2008 (edited Feb 26, 2008)

I see track #10 (Forgotten Wings) has the same name as the second track on the Live a Live arrange disc, so I'm guessing that arrangement of Wings That Don't Reach is just being used again (maybe upgraded).

Not that I'm really complaining, since I love that arrangement.

TerraEpon Feb 26, 2008

04. "Hometown ドミナ" (' saintly sword legend Legend of Mana ') <-- WOO

Anyone wanna translate this all properly for us non-Japanese speaking peons? ;.;


the_miker Feb 26, 2008

01 Legend of Mana ~Title Theme~ [Seiken Densetsu Legend of Mana]   
02 Take the Offensive [FRONT MISSION]   
03 Destati [KINGDOM HEARTS Series]   
04 Hometown Domina [Seiken Densetsu Legend of Mana]   
05 The Bird Flies in the Sky, the Fish Swims in the River [LIVE A LIVE]   
06 To the Heroes of Old ~Opening Theme from HEROES of MANA~ [Seiken Densetsu HEROES of MANA]   
07 Twinkle Twinkle Holidays [KINGDOM HEARTS Series]   
08 Tango Appassionata ~The Way This Heart Is~ [Seiken Densetsu HEROES of MANA]   
09 Colored Earth [Seiken Densetsu Legend of Mana]   
10 Forgotten Wings ~Forgotten Wings~ [LIVE A LIVE]   
11 The 13th Anthology [KINGDOM HEARTS Series]   
12 Manifold Irons [FRONT MISSION]   
13 Ruined Sparkling City [Seiken Densetsu Legend of Mana]   
14 The Other Promise [KINGDOM HEARTS Series]   
15 The Tale Told by the Wind ~Ending Theme from HEROES of MANA~ [Seiken Densetsu HEROES of MANA]   
16 Somnus [FINAL FANTASY Versus XIII]

I splooged about 16 times after reading this tracklist.  CAN'T FREAKING WAIT to hear the Legend of Mana stuff!  Bring it on!


Ramza Feb 27, 2008

Ashley Winchester wrote:

13 Ruined Sparkling City [Seiken Densetsu Legend of Mana]

Boo freakin ya!


I preordered this album. And I'm freaking out about it.

Note that Livealive got not one, but TWO tracks! Alright!

Ramza Feb 27, 2008

Kirin Lemon wrote:

Don't get me wrong, I like the selection, but no Parasite Eve or Mario RPG?  Aw.

We've already lamented this, long before the tracklist was released. Parasite Eve was something I REALLY would've liked. I can see no Mario RPG, due to some possible Nintendo licensing tie-in bullshit from ages ago. But PE? What gives?

Qui-Gon Joe Feb 28, 2008

Let's see... my favorite track from Front Mission, my favorite tracks from Legend of Mana, great choices from Live A Live... this could well be one of the best track lists for an arranged CD I've seen.  Aside from the omission of Parasite Eve, I'm pretty ecstatic!

Ramza Feb 29, 2008

.59 wrote:

(Parasite Eve hidden track confirmed?)

I think they just don't know how to spell Preview.

But if that WAS suggesting some PE ... I'd freak out.

Thanks for the preview page. Manifold Irons sounds AWESOME.

the_miker Feb 29, 2008

I'd be waaaay more excited if that e was capitalized in PEview.  That would officially be one of the best arranged albums ever if a hidden PE track is the case though.


.59 Mar 1, 2008

I was just kidding wink
It's kind of a strange screwup though, as it's spelled right in the left menu.

Bernhardt Mar 1, 2008 (edited Mar 1, 2008)

Actually got my hands on Live a Live.

This soundtrack's AWEXOME.

First of all, the synth sounds like Final Fantasy IV, a lot of the music reminds me melodically of Seiken Densetsu 2, with the pop/rock/gothic style, and some of the chord progressions sound reminiscent of Yasunori Mitsuda...that's 2 other different soundtracks, and 3 other different composers that this soundtrack reminds me of, and it's AWEXOME. Why, there's even hints of Mega Man, and ninja music!

How could I not have come across this sooner?!

Datschge Mar 2, 2008

Live A Live was most certainly Shimomura's peak in musical diversity. In the past I tended to be disappointed about every following work of her due to that.

.59 Mar 16, 2008

Four samples up in total now, and I love what I'm hearing. I'm usually bored stiff by orchestral renditions of VGM, but it looks like this one'll be different. I'd forgotten somewhat about Shimomura lately, but I'm having high hopes for the FFXIII Versus soundtrack now.

Ramza Mar 16, 2008

heh, they fixed the "Peview" image to "Preview."

The "Forgotten Wings" arrangement sounds a lot better than on the bonus CD that came with the guide book. I'm VERY happy about having LiveAlive on this collection, and this ONE track alone is a huge success. (I mean, Manifold Irons is good, but THIS is great!).

As for Destati ... well, that already sounded pretty damn good on the various OSTs we found it on. But I'm not complaining. The choral part comes out distinctly on this orchestral recording.

Only 20 days until I get this album (should overnight shipping do what it's meant to do...). I"M CRAZY EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oneoneoneeleven11111111!!!!

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