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Ashley Winchester Aug 7, 2016

I had a real miserable time at work today. It seemed every time I turned around something was going wrong or someone was pushing one of my buttons.

Anyway, during my last hour of work I went into the break room for my break and I just wanted fifteen minutes to decompress.

This didn't happen and one of the janitors came in and pretty much kicked me out so he could clean.

I kind of got pissed off and given all the crap I dealt with already I felt I was on the verge of finally expressing my discontent with the days proceedings so I took the cookies I was eating and crammed a bunch of them in my mouth so I couldn't answer the guy very well.

I probably looked like a pig but what I want to ask is has anyone else done something like this to avoid doing something dumber?

Oh, and the best part! I get kicked out of the break room and the guy didn't even do anything for those fifteen minutes! He left and never came back!

I ran into the guy later and he gave me the rundown of why he didn't clean but to be honest I wasn't very interested in why. At that point of the night I gave up on giving a crap about anything.

avatar! Aug 8, 2016 (edited Aug 8, 2016)

For the most part I work with great people. However, I was teaching a college class a few years ago (different people) and I really couldn't stand the students nor the head of the department. It was very stressful! Fortunately, I knew it was going to end (as classes inevitably do), and it did, I did the best I could and kept my calm the whole time. SO glad it's over. Won't ever do that again. You live and learn, and you move on. Best not to blow your top. However, I'm going to mention those assholes directly in my memoirs tongue

Pedrith Aug 8, 2016

I work in a high school library.  Some days it takes all my willpower not to tell the students or teachers off.  I get four weeks vacation a year which includes christmas break.  I work march break so I can have some time off in the summer.  I'm on vacation now.  I start year 17 in the fall with another 27 to go before I "can" retire. 

At least i'm not working for the government.  Been there and done that and it was f---ing hell compared to high school.

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