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FuryofFrog Jun 19, 2010

Anyone ever do it before? I just bought I Butcher Frock in which to dye and its 100% polyester. I'm trying to dye it black and red but with the pot boiling method the black will kill the red. Any ideas?

Right now I am thinking of using the iDye Polyester from Procian.

Any input is appreciated.

Oh yeah, this is kind of for a quirky goth thing. My friends have got me visiting a club called Shampoo and on Wednesdays it turns into Nocturne. I listen to most their music anywho so I thought this might be a fun project to uptake.

FuryofFrog Jun 19, 2010 (edited Jun 19, 2010)

I doubt any ladies or gentlemen would listen to Dyeing Polyester.

Its more like Creatures of the Dark Coven, Incubi and sinners I now bring to you the final and hellish wonder of this forsaken world Dyeing Polyester!!!

Hahah. Thats ridiculous.
On that note Ashley do you listen to any industrial or EBM?

Anybody with clothing knowledge here?

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