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Boyblunder Dec 7, 2017

Listed a whole bunch of soundtracks on ebay, tried to undercut all sources by 20% and my copies are complete.
There may be a couple where I have made mistakes. Please feel free to browse and to point out that they are MASSIVELY OVER PRICED!!!!!!!!
If there's something you like I can knock a bit off if we go outside of ebay cos of their disgusting fees and of course multiples can be reduced if you buy lots. Please be sure before asking as it's a pain to take auctions down only for the buyer to then "back out"
Simply don't have the money for xmas this year, hence the attempts at sales... … 7675.l2562

Thankyou all!

jb Dec 7, 2017

These are all MASSIVELY OVERPRICED and honestly the only way to save face would be to give them away (to me) for free.

Jousto Dec 13, 2017

Picked up my MASSIVELY OVERPRICED soundtrack a while ago. This had better be a good one for that INSANE AMOUNT OF MONEY. Oh, and thanks, Bb <3

Boyblunder Nov 9, 2018 (edited Nov 9, 2018)

Added an absolute cr*p ton of listings over about an 8 hour period. Very fatiguing, but want money for xmas smile
Descriptions are vague but collector's know the score. Generally I only specify missing articles or defects in the soundtracks so that there are no comebacks. Some of the prices again may be way off, I just took prices from every source I could and tried to undercut them by at least 20%, all of the listings have best offer on them so of course the prices are not set in stone.
Anway have a browse at your leisure and see if any of the bright colors draw you in @____@

Edit: there’s also some hair regrowth serum on there which you’ll probably need after looking through that lot =P

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