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raynebc Jun 4, 2007

It it isn't just the disc ID, then maybe the tracks have the CD TEXT fields filled in?

Datschge Jun 5, 2007

As I mentioned it before the best way to confirm that a CD is a CD-R, not a printed CD, is looking for the ATIP information. While ATIP is exclusive to burned CDs, all other data can be exactly the same between the printed original and the burned CD-R/RW copies. Jun 6, 2007

>Am I allowed to post his address on here so people can go whoop him? smile

email me at

I can provide all the info you need.

- - -

Notice how he scams people for laptops as well?

It works like this.
1, Run an auction on a high value laptop
2, Get the money
3, Don't send laptop
4, Ignore all emails from buyers
5, Only refund if Paypal claim made.

I estimate he gets away with 1 in 4 of these fake auctions.
ie Doesn't have to give a refund.

The positive feedback from the CD-R sales helps
hide the negatives he gets from the laptop scams.

Mario Jun 7, 2007 (edited Jun 7, 2007)

Yeah, I noticed his laptop scams shortly after I found this thread. The bootleg cds didn't bother me as much, since he's at least giving people SOMETHING in return, and not taking too much of their money. The laptop scams were really what made me angry, since he's taking thousands of dollars from people and simply not shipping their items. Granted I didn't buy a laptop from him myself, but it still really bothers me that he's doing that to people.

Okay. I was half-joking at first about posting his information, but now I am sufficiently pissed off so here goes...

Custom Specialists 
c/o Thomas Strauch 
9909 Oliver Drive 
Austin, TX 78736 
United States 
(512) 288-4010 



P.S., what sort of information are you wanting to give me? I didn't understand what you meant.

Tigger Jun 14, 2007

Does anyone here know how I can contact the Texas authorities? This custom_specialists guy owes me $200+ dollars for the fake soundtracks he sold me, and he refuses to give me my money. I'd like to give them his information and explain things, and hopefully get him put in jail where he belongs.

Also, just for fun, here's some of the responses he's given me to try to "prove" his soundtracks are real:

Him: "I have a receipt to prove all my purchases are legitimate."
Me: "Actually, your receipt only shows that you've purchased ONE COPY of each soundtrack you are selling. And you're selling a lot more than one of each."
Him: (No response)

Me: "I own a legitimate copy of one of the cds from one of the lots I purchased, and yours is clearly a copy."
Him: "Every video game soundtrack I sell has lots of different versions and you haven't seen every version in the world!"
Me: "Actually, most videogame soundtracks only have one version."
Him: (No response)

Him: "Ebay has it on file to prove that our soundtracks are real. They are silk-screened originals."
Me: WTF?!?!?!

Laif Jun 14, 2007


That guy needs a beating. A hard one. I also wanna set his pants on fire + his equipment.

Nobody around who could pay him a visit? hmm

Tigger Jun 14, 2007 (edited Jun 14, 2007)

I just emailed custom_specialists and told him I would contact the police if he didn't refund my money. Guess what he said?

"Go for it... we've done nothing wrong."

Wow, does this guy think he's above the law or something? My response contained the following: "I have undeniable proof that you are stealing thousands of dollars from people every month."

I'll update you whenever he responds to that one. I'm sure it'll be a classic.

raynebc Jun 14, 2007

If the police get involved, he will have to provide evidence that each of his recent sales were legitemate.  Unless somebody actually contacts the police to report fraud to them personally, this will not get anywhere.

chocobo000 Jun 15, 2007 (edited Jun 15, 2007)

Some of you may be aware of, who promote the DQ series in the US.

I'm sure you can email the webmaster (King Slime) or any of the SQEX reps there and they should be able to pass along the info to SQEX and their legal department, since they must work with them on several issues. Whether SQEX decides to go after the guy is another story.

Tigger: Have you tried filed an problem with ebay/paypal regarding the auctions? Being a buyer, your complanit will hold a little more weight to them than random members.

Tigger Jun 16, 2007 (edited Jun 16, 2007)

Yeah, I tried filing a complaint, but Paypal and Ebay really don't seem to care about stuff like this. When I try to talk to them about problems I've had with an auction, I feel like a little kid who's trying to ask the grown-ups a question while the grown-ups are lost in their own conversation, talking about their money and their cars.

But anyway, I finally convinced custom_specialists to give me a refund. I won't get my hopes up, since it's a refund through Paypal, and Paypal is screwy. But I'll keep my fingers crossed. On that same subject, I was wondering if it's possible to cancel a refund given through Paypal? I assume if it's possible to do so, he probably will. Or maybe I'm just getting paranoid. Jun 17, 2007

His CD-Rs
are gone from eBay - June 18th 2007

on his

Of course he may just be using another account,
or doing his usual few weeks break,
then back again trick.


oddigy Jun 19, 2007 (edited Jun 19, 2007 by Amber)

Other eBay users here who have partaken in deals by this chap may be interested in this posting on eBay's official message boards: … 2264211547

It is a victim of one of his laptop scams.
If anyone else who has done business could chime in, it could at least get the issue some visibility.  Most of the regulars who post there have pretty good information regarding exactly what needs to be done to shut down a fradulent seller.

Also, if you're going to post, please read the rules about posting on that forum extremely carefully, because there are lots of weird rules, like not mentioning other websites, or user IDs of users you have not specifically dealt with.  It would suck to have that thread shut down. :)

joshconnor Jun 20, 2007

Hi everyone. I'm Josh Connor a proud blackhawk pilot here at Fort Campbell Kentucky about to deploy to Iraq and I too was frauded by this doushe bag when I decided to purchase my laptop for my upcoming deployment in hell. I appreciate everyone's help tracking this turd and all the information provided. My email address is if you would like to send some other evidence or stories to help me with my case with the authorities. Basically, right now I can't say too much but I did bring all my evidence to the Military Police here at Fort Campbell who in turn are working things through the F.B.I. I lost a large amount of money in the amount of $1907.82 to this doushe. Working things through paypal but even if I do get the refund, I am pursuing justice. I luckily get to use my West Point education compiling all of my evidence against this guy to build my case so I can crush him. Here is some helpful information I received from an un-named source that pretty well covers what this guy is doing: I would encourage others to call the Austin Police Department High Tech Crime Unit at (512)-974-8600 or to report this guys trademark counterfeiting. They don't deal with Internet Fraud unfortunately but the Austin Police Department does at (512) 974-5750. Please help me crush this guy. Any helpful info would be appreciated. And to

Thomas Strauch
9909 Oliver Drive
Austin, TX 78736

I hope your reading this because I sent you the link. I will not stop until I crush you and your behind bars. Luckily I have lots of leave saved up to come visit you on a road trip with some friends to get my money.
This guy is a total scam and I failed to notice his trends through his feedback on the laptops.  I bid on and won one of the Asus Lamborghini VX1 laptops from him back in mid March and paid him via Paypal the day after I won the laptop (about $1857.00).  His auction listing stated the delivery would take 9 business days plus whatever method of shipping I selected so I figured 3 weeks at most.  After 1 month of absolutely no update from this seller, I contacted him via eBay's e-mail asking him where it was and he told me that the manufacturer was backlogged due to high school and college graduations (I have no idea why that would have an impact on Asus's mnfg. of these laptops) and that he was sorry but would upgrade my shipping to Next Day Air.  So I was cool with that and about 1 week later, he sent me a supposed update form from the manufacturer giving me the order status which at that time read "Order P laced" but there were like about 12 more steps it had to go through before Asus delivered the laptop to him (custom specialist), then he had to supposedly download the Microsoft Vista package to it which would take another 5+ days.  At that point, I continually e-mailed him asking for updates and ways to speed up the delivery.  He would send me this same order status form each time and after another 5 days each time, the status would move down 1 stage to the next mnfg. process.  This is probably not making too much sense but to sum it up, he was stalling with me so that he could keep my $1857 longer.  After I realized that he might be a scam, I went back to his feedback and read all of the neutral and negative ones and they were all related to his sale of laptops (Asus VX1s, Acer Ferraris, Sony Vaios, HPs, etc.).  These people almost always never received their laptops, too.  All of his positive feedback was related to his sale of copie d DVDs and video games so his feedback appears to be good (like 99.4%).  There are a few positives on laptops and I believe that he is using friends to win the bidding of auctions for some of his laptop listings, eating the cost of the listing and ending fees (maybe $40-$50 for the few he did like this), and having the friends list positive feedback for him even though no laptop never existed.  He does this to make it look like some people are receiving their laptops but if you notice, most of the positives he got on these were given just a few days after they won the auctions so we know they're bullshit.

So I figured out that he is taking in money for his laptop listings, blowing the buyers off for 1-2 months while he uses that money to buy and sell his DVDs/video games, and then when the buyers of the laptops complain about not receiving their computers, he gladly refunds their money hoping not to get negative feedback.  He refunds them with the money he gets from another one of his fake laptop sales (he has like 6-8 laptop listings each week and he won't refund you until he gets paid for another one that he just sold and got paid for least that's what he did with me.)  I also called Asus directly (in Canada) during my investigation of him and asked them if they were indeed building my VX1 and the Customer Service rep told me there was no way because they have not been building that model for the last several months because the new VX2 model is now out and they are filling orders for that model and ceased production of the VX1.  She also said that there is only 1 eBay seller they deal with directly and this guy (custom specialist) was not that seller.  She told me the name of the seller they do deal with and I checked to find out that that person is not currently selling any VX1s/VX2s right now.  She said be careful with bogus sellers on eBay of their Lambo laptops so I would assume that your laptop is not coming based on what I and others just went through with this guy.  I think he may refund you eventually took him 1 week to refund me after I kindly asked for my money back.  That is the key nice when asking for a refund.  I think if you go off on him and demand it back, he may say screw you and keep it.  I wish you the best of luck in getting your money back and definitely file a dispute with Paypal and eBay regardless of whether you get your money back or not.  We need to shut this asshole down.  I came across another eBay s eller selling these VX1s/VX2s and I think it is this same guy who has spun off a new user name.  I don't remember the user name but be cautious.

I've been in contact with another guy who has gotten butt raped from this Custom_Spec dickwad, too.  I will forward you some e-mails he has sent me about this guy.  I just got one today and apparently Custom_Specialist is now off of eBay under the user name that we knew him as.  I'll send these right after I send this.  On one of his e-mails is the contact information for this seller and I called the phone number and I got the voice mail for Custom Specialist so you might try that, too.  Take care and thanks for protecting our country!  All of us civilians would not have it as good as we do without guys like you giving us our freedom. Jun 22, 2007

Sorry to have to report it,
but the custom-specialists
CD-Rs are back on eBay today.

Even more than before by the looks of it.

avatar! Jun 22, 2007 wrote:

Sorry to have to report it,
but the custom-specialists
CD-Rs are back on eBay today.

Even more than before by the looks of it.

I honestly think that short of a class action lawsuit against ebay, nothing will stop the inflow of bootlegs since ebay doesn't care so long as they make a profit. So, if some people at Otaku or elsewhere have a desire to take action against ebay, they can put at end to this mess. Otherwise, I doubt anything we'll do will make a difference.


chocobo000 Jun 22, 2007 (edited Jun 22, 2007)

Ebay obviously doesn't care, since they get more money the more he sells. But the real stinker is that SQEX doesn't seem to care either. Being the IP owners, they can easily force Ebay to take action and suspend the account. Their brand gets diluted with the cheap bootlegs, and they loose money. But for whatever reason, I guess they can't be bothered to. Fracking stupid since they are so anal when it comes to even trying to watch a trailer for their next FF. So there you have it, maybe we should all just flood ebay with bootlegs and drive down the prices so these pirates make a lot less. Jun 24, 2007

avatar! wrote:

So, if some people at Otaku or elsewhere have a desire to take action against ebay, they can put at end to this mess.

Sorry, but we don't own the rights to any of the music, so there is nothing we can do.
We are a retailer based in Japan.

SQEX would demand a hugh advance, plus ridiculously impossible sales guarantees,
if we were to ask them for a license.

Ashley Winchester Jun 28, 2007

I just find it ridiculous that there isn't any recourse an honest retailer/distributor or consumers can take to protect the potential market, their own interest and other customers from the unscrupulous practices of pirates without the action of the original copyright owner outside supplying the basic knowledge.

Granted, this isn't an inexpensive hobby but legit is legit and piracy is piracy. Why can't SE be a sue happy company? Jul 2, 2007

I seem to remember a few years back, Tokyo Pop licensed some Squaresoft Game Music CDs.
What happened there? Does anyone have some information on that deal?

Would have been about 2000 or 2001 I think.

So I guess it is possible, but I wonder why Tokyo Pop stopped selling them?

GoldfishX Jul 2, 2007 (edited Jul 2, 2007)

No money to be made and they had a shit reputation among fans (being stripped down versions of the Japanese 4 disc sets, FF4 aside). They've changed their operation several times now (they used to import and sell CD's like you guys, but I think they primarily do manga now). My guess is they lost the license under a stack of papers...They never struck me as having it together.

Nemo Jul 2, 2007

I don't care what anyone says about Tokyopop, they released Orta's OST + bonus tracks, so they are good in my book.

GoldfishX Jul 2, 2007 (edited Jul 2, 2007)

I forgot about that one...Alex was asking about Square CD's. But you're right. Their Sonic Adventure 2 release was sweet too (it had all the vocal tracks, which were sold seperately from the Japanese OST).

But that doesn't make them any less disorganized than they are.

Ashley Winchester Jul 2, 2007 wrote:

So I guess it is possible, but I wonder why Tokyo Pop stopped selling them?

I wondered this as well; for the most part it seems Tokyopop just jumps on the latest "bandwagon" so to speak. I was at my local bookstore and was surprised to find over half the manga on the shelves was from Tokyopop... I had no idea they where into bringing that stuff over. They probably dumped the OST idea when something more lucrative came along - in theory it would be more idealistic to release a full series of manga instead of 1/4 of an original soundtrack.

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