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XISMZERO Jul 20, 2016 (edited Jul 20, 2016)

An album not talked about too much but a later (fringe) Konami property. Here's another racing game soundtrack that has fallen into oblivion. Like Racing Lagoon, it's 2 discs, probably limited in print and has some amazing music and arranges too (if you like jazz-fusion).

I find a lot of these later Konami releases (Genso Suikoden IV Arrange, even Silent Scope Trilogy) are pricey and not simply because Konami is practically dead. I know limited prints will drive prices up even on lesser known/wanted releases but anyone know why else?

Thankfully, Jodo sold me his for $15 many years back and I'm astounded to find it's impossible to find now for even ridiculous prices.

Meanwhile, Racing Lagoon (sealed) was on YJA, sold for 38,500 yen with 49 bids!

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