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Datschge Mar 8, 2007 (edited Mar 8, 2007)

It's sequenced like usual DS sequenced music, but plenty of the samples used for the sequences sound like from an FM synth like it's used used in PC-88, PC-98 etc. Etrian Odyssey uses a decidedly old-school gameplay concept which was popular on those systems, and the soundtracks is supposed to add more of that flair (and it succeeds imo). I guess for the soundtrack the did recordings off of the DS and some actual FM unit.

Ramza Mar 8, 2007

that's an awesome idea. That makes me happy.

Thanks for the explanation!

Carl Mar 8, 2007

Yeah sometimes doujin arrangers will do that (remake a newer song using an old-school soundchip) so the concept has been around, and I'm very glad to see it implemented in a new official release.

Knurek Mar 22, 2007

Listening to the OST now... Man, Yuzo Koshiro at his best.
Though I'd really prefer if they would keep the PC88 version, and replace the DS one with some synth arranges. They don't differ that much (well, PC88 seems to have better sampling rate).

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