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Adam Corn Aug 2, 2013

Falcom have quite the selection of albums available for download from Amazon's U.S. MP3 store, ranging mostly from $8 up to $16 for some of the double-disc albums.
Amazon's Falcom MP3 store

Included among the selection:

Ys Celceta OST
Ys Seven OST
Ys I & II Chronicles OST
Ys Origin OST & Super Arrange Version
Ys Oath in Felghana OST & Super Arrange Version
Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim OST & Vocal Version
Ys Music of Ancient and Modern Times
Zwei 1 & 2 OSTs
Xanadu Next OST
The Legend of Heroes ~Kiseki series OSTs & Super Arrange Versions
the entire Zanmai series

...and various others.  If you're one to download MP3 albums then it's worth a look!

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