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Sabreman Oct 23, 2007

This has been bugging me for the couple of weeks that I've had this album. I didn't have it in digital form before I bought it so I've not heard this track on it before, but I'm absolutely positive I've heard it somewhere. As in, on another album - not in any of the games (I've not really played them). It sounds like something off a Castlevania album but I can't find it (the same composer did SotN but it's not on there). I'm generally rubbish at remembering which tune comes from where though.


Carl Oct 23, 2007

Since Twinbee is Konami, it could be a related arrange of a Gradius ending theme called "Farewell".

It's either from Gradius II or Gofer's Ambition...  I'm not at my home PC so I can't spin up the Twinbee track at the moment...

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