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LiquidAcid Jan 21, 2013 (edited Jan 21, 2013)

January gave us some breathing room to deal with the backlog of awesome 2012 releases. February is still a bit weak for me in terms of release count, but in terms of quality it's getting much better.

Preorders first:
GUSTCD-11001 | Krut hymneth ~The Songs that Conversed with the Gods~ Ar tonelico hymmnos concert Complete BOX (even though I already own all the Hymmnos albums)
GUN-0025 | Karanoshojo The Second Episode. Original Soundtrack (MANYO's latest work for Innocent Grey)
FFCT-0026 | Ciel nosurge Genometric Concert Vol.1~Keihan no Uta~ (Akiko Shikata....)
FFCT-0027 | Ciel nosurge Original Soundtrack Vol.1 ~Oto to Sekai no Jushinkiroku Sec.1~ (and more Akiko Shikata! *yeah*)

The rest:
VTCL-60334 | Mondaiji tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru soudesuyo? Sound Community I (the anime looks aweful, but it is Hamaguchi...)
COCX-37867 | Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Yamato Music Team Great Ceremony 2012 (added on a whim, haven't heard anything Yamato-related as of yet)
GFCA-331 | METAL GEAR RISING REVENGEANCE Vocal Tracks (I really don't know what to expect here)
ANZX-6954 | Zetsuen no Tempest Original Sound Track vol.1 (Oshima and yet another aweful anime)

chu-2 byu from last month is very enjoyable (lots of happy-go-lucky music). Apart from that I checked out some film scores (John Powell's Rio and Knight and Day).
For me February is the Gust month. Especially looking forward to the official release for Ciel nosurge.

What do you think? Any albums you look forward to?


Razakin Jan 22, 2013

December release was just in Comiket 83, prolly you could say it was a pre-release of some sort.

jb Jan 22, 2013

James O wrote:

Hmm nothing for me in February.  Kinda relieved actually.

Totally feel the same. First month in like 6 I haven't bought something.

Porter Jan 24, 2013 (edited Jan 24, 2013)

So far these few. I am glad for time of rest for my wallet.

Total Eclipse Original Soundtrack AVCA-62120

LiquidAcid Jan 24, 2013

Not soundtrack related at all, but maybe worth a mention: TEAM Entertainment releases Kaori Oda's (from Kajiura's FictionFunction / Sound Horizon) first solo album in February:

Oda recently paired up with Michiko Naruke on the UnchainBlades Exxiv vocal album. A track which I really enjoyed.

LiquidAcid Feb 22, 2013

Kaori' Oda PLACE isn't really a solo album but more compilation album of her works for game and anime products. I still ended up ordering it since it's a nice way to acquire lots of her songs that are otherwise scattered on various singles.

The Blind Spot Live! DVD that Jodo mentioned also looks mighty interesting. There is also some trailer clip on Youtube IIRC:

Qui-Gon Joe Mar 5, 2013

Was about to post in the March thread, but then realized it actually came out in February... did anyone pick up the Magical Chase CD?  I'm super excited to eventually get that one and wondered if anyone has impressions!

LiquidAcid Mar 5, 2013 (edited Mar 5, 2013)

Fetched Kurt hymneth and Karanoshojo from the post office today. The tonelico box is quite a beast, very nice collector item.

But I started with Karanoshojo. Disc 1 is very soft and ambient, but still very much to my liking.

EDIT: If there should be any remastering on the tonelico box (and it turns out OK), I might want to part with the six (standard) Hymmnos albums. Anyone interested in these? I would consider giving these away for a very low price.

PerfectZer0 Mar 8, 2013


Its the timing during the boss fights that make these vocal tunes totally rock!  Still the OST is awesome!

LiquidAcid Mar 10, 2013

Also received VTXL-12 | Yuki Kajiura LIVE vol.#9 'Shibuko Special' on Friday.

Never added this here, since I ordered it without knowing the content. Turns out it more or less follows the tracklist from Kajiura's 2011 album FICTION II plus newer stuff like eternal blue (theme song from Senritsu no Stratus), stone cold (OP theme from Sacred Seven). And of course some classics like everlasting song and zodiacal sign. I think the mix is really good and it's nice to hear the FICTION II tracks performed live, even though Emily Bindiger is not on vocals/chorus.

I'm especially fond of the opening track, which is lotus. Ended up listening to it thrice before continuing with the rest. The price for the BD is hefty, but it turned out to be a good investment smile

LiquidAcid Mar 27, 2013 (edited Mar 27, 2013)

More February releases came in today, the two Ciel nosurge albums. I guess Shikata is responsible for a large chunk of the OST, and she's in top form. Really would like to know who hides behind the SSS-Solid State Signal-OOOPS TEAM WEEDS alias.

Also gave a listen to Hamaguchi's Mondaiji tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru soudesuyo? Very short album in general and also lots of short tracks (two tracks with length above 2:00). Music isn't bad, but they could've just put the score part on a single disc (assuming that the second volume features equally much material). Not worth my money.

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