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Qui-Gon Joe Feb 5, 2006

When NTT rereleased the FF4-6 Piano Collections, they didn't have the sheet music with them.  Does anyone have any idea if the sheet music got reprinted separately?  Would it still be available now?

oddigy Feb 5, 2006 (edited Feb 5, 2006 by Amber)

The books were available separately, but... they're apparently very hard to find these days.

Oh, sells them smile

D'oh, the only one they have in stock is FFVI.  V and IV are both out of stock. :\

TerraEpon Feb 5, 2006

Animenation sold some books, not sure if they sold those, or still do. If you know the ISBN, you can easily find the listings on Amazon Japan -- again, not sure if they are still sold.


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