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Sabreman Aug 18, 2011 (edited Aug 18, 2011)

10 new ones up!

Includes the Halo OST. Contain yourselves.

Ramza Aug 19, 2011

I threw bids on two items based on what they're worth to me. Used to own them both, would be happy to get them back.

I expect to lose my bids, but if I win, I'll happily pay up and have them sent here. You have good taste sir! (ma'am?)

Sabreman Aug 20, 2011



I've had an enquiry about my international shipping costs. Here's the deal:

I generally just don't trust postal services. In all my years of buying VGM (or anything from overseas) I've only ONCE chosen to take a standard postal option (on a Gradius IV OST from the US). It didn't arrive. Now, I wasn't bothered about losing the money I spent on it but I was very bothered about not getting the album. That was many years ago, and since then I've always taken the EMS option when buying, even if the cost of postage turned out to be more than the item!

Also, I'm pretty proud of my untarnished feedback rating on ebay, and I'm pretty sure a large part of it is down to not letting some nefarious postie throw a spanner in the works.

However, I appreciate that not everyone is as paranoid as me, so I'll discount the shipping to a standard uninsured service if the eventual buyer wishes me to when the auction ends. I mean, obviously if you live outside the UK and you win an album for £4.99 you're probably not going to be too keen on paying £7 for registered delivery, I get that.

mystic_pizza Aug 21, 2011 (edited Aug 21, 2011)

I'm pretty sure a large part of it is down to not letting some nefarious postie throw a spanner in the works.

My... Should I take it personally ?

Well, my main goal was to be sure of what was possible, or not possible, before, so I would not be surprised after the deal.
You've got your ways, you explained your views, you're the seller after all, you state your conditions and it's normal.
Have good sales.

Sabreman Aug 21, 2011

Wait... I think you maybe aren't aware that 'postie' is slang for 'postman' and so have misread my post as a dig at buyers?

Either that or you're a postman... and, er, I'm sorry if I besmirched you wink

Anyways, I figured the question was worth a public answer seeing as other buyers might ponder the same thing.

Ramza Aug 26, 2011

grats to whoever won the Suikoden OST (I fought valiantly).

In any case, I get Misty Blue back in my collection. Old Koshiro <3

Jadedmoogle Aug 26, 2011 (edited Aug 26, 2011)

I have a couple of questions:

How much would the cheapest shipping cost for the FFT Trading Arts figures? EDIT: I'm from the U.S.

Any chance that you do trades? You could check out what I have here to see if you're interested in anything. Thanks.

Sabreman Aug 28, 2011 (edited Aug 31, 2011)

I won't be able to find out the overseas postage on those figures for a few days (it's a bank holiday weekend here), but I'll look into it.

I'm not after any trades, unfortunately - I'm clearing stuff out smile

Edit: It would be £7 airmail or £12 signed-for.

Jadedmoogle Sep 3, 2011

Dang, I forgot to bid on it! I hate it when that happens. Thanks for answering my questions anyways.

Sabreman Sep 7, 2011

10 more up. Dithered over Ninja Warriors and MIDI Power 1, but... the will is strong.

Ramza Sep 8, 2011

Got Misty Blue in the mail today. Thanks much!

Also, selling Soukaigi? Sweet Jesus, you're trying to kill my bank account. Whoever else is competing, I salute you, but know that I'm not afraid to go high.

Ramza Sep 14, 2011

Well, to the person I outbid who then went and beat my max bid, I salute you. Soukaigi is awesome and it's yours.

In any case, hey, at least I got the Shoko Minami / Feena album. One of the best versions of the song "Feena" is on there. smile

Looking forward to a second mailing to the US, Sabreman. smile

Pellasos Sep 15, 2011

soukaigi kinda went cheap. i would've bid double or triple, if i didn't own the album already.

Ramza Sep 16, 2011

Pellasos wrote:

soukaigi kinda went cheap. i would've bid double or triple, if i didn't own the album already.

Yeah, I thought the going price on it was like $60 USD, which would be like 35 GBP I think.

Sabreman Sep 16, 2011

Rub it in, why dontcha wink

In fact, that was the first album I bought off champ_des_pins years ago, and I couldn't believe the price I got it for. Maybe it wasn't so sought after then, but all I had to go on was a much-loved MP3 rip. Led to a long, expensive but satisfying shopping relationship. *sniff*

New batch up... getting towards the end now.

Sabreman Sep 24, 2011

Right... I *think* that'll be the last lot up for now. I'm left with the ones I'm still attached to, but you never know what the future may bring smile

For those curious, these are the albums they'll be prizing out of my cold-dead hands*:

*Apart from Mass Effect which I think is probably not worth listing, and FFXIII which I think I'll just sell to a dedicated FF fan at work.

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