Final Fantasy Anthology: Music from FFV and FFVI

  • "A very poor selection from two of history's best-sounding games."
Reader review by Daniel K

Featured Artists

Tracks (57 minutes)

  1. Ahead On Our Way
  2. Fate In Haze
  3. Pirates Ahoy!
  4. Tenderness In The Air
  5. The Day Will Come
  6. Mambo De Chocobo!
  7. My Home, Sweet Home
  8. Music Box
  9. Dear Friends
  10. The Phantom Forest
  11. The Phantom Train
  12. Wild West
  13. Kids Run Through The City Corner
  14. Terra
  15. Slam Shuffle
  16. Spinach Rag
  17. Johnny C. Bad
  18. Mog
  19. Dark World
  20. Epitaph
  21. The Magic House
  22. The Prelude

Release Notes

  • Released Sep 1999 by Squaresoft USA (retail promo).


A very poor selection from two of history's best-sounding games.

Reader review by Daniel K (2000-11-13)

The "Music From FFV And FFVI" CD is only available together with the US version of the Squaresoft PSX RPG "Final Fantasy Anthology". The game is a collecton of the classic SNES RPGs "Final Fantasy V" and "Final Fantasy VI".

All the music from these games was written by Nobuo Uematsu, and as everyone who likes game music knows, Uematsu is one of the absolute best composers. And many believe FF6 was his best work ever (I think it was the second best of his soundtracks, FF9 is in my opinion better). The track selection for this CD was voted for on Squaresoft's American site. So nothing should go wrong, right? Wrong!

I don't know who voted forth this, but the selection stinks. Especially for FF6. The only really good tracks are "Pirates Ahoy!", "Terra", "Slam Shuffle", and "The Prelude". Classics like "Battle With Gilgamesh", "The Four Warriors Of Dawn", "Edgar & Sabin", "Celes", the entire opera bit from FF6, and all battle themes are not included. Instead we get "Music Box", "The Phantom Train", "Spinach Rag", and "Johhny C. Bad". The two last in particular really suck. It seems as though the people who voted for these tracks wanted to show the world the worst side of Uematsu's musical talent.

If you got this for free with the game then it's okay. But don't pay for it! Buy the OSVs for FF5 and FF6 instead, they are much better.

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