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Moses Feb 17, 2015

Final Symphony Track Listing

1. Fantasy Overture (Circle within a Circle within a Circle) [04:08]

2. Final Fantasy VI (Symphonic Poem: Born with the Gift of Magic)[18:07] (Terra's Theme | Kefka | Esper World | Battle etc.)

3. Final Fantasy X (Piano Concerto) [19:14] (Besaid | Hum of the Fayth | Thunder Plains | Assault etc.)

I. Zanarkand
II. Inori
III. Kessen

4. Encore: Final Fantasy X (Suteki Da Ne) [03:43]

5. Final Fantasy VII (Symphony in Three Movements) [41:26]
(Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY VII | J-E-N-O-V-A | Tifa‘s Theme | The Great Warrior etc.)

I. Nibelheim Incident
II. Words Drowned by Fireworks
III. The Planet's Crisis

6. Encore: Final Fantasy VII (Continue?) [04:35]
(Continue | Anxiety | The Prelude)

7. Encore: Final Fantasy Series (Fight, Fight, Fight!) [03:17]
(Final Fantasy VI - The Fierce Battle | Final Fantasy VII - Those Who Fight | Still More Fighting | Final Fantasy X - Otherworld)

The album will release globally on February 23rd and be available digitally.

Source: Gamereactor

Adam Corn Feb 2, 2017

CD release of Final Symphony now available, for under $15 at Amazon. Vinyl release available as well. Am enjoying listening to this one in lossless!

For any who missed out on Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo, that one now has a US CD release also.

Qui-Gon Joe Feb 3, 2017

Darnit, I just paid more to import the thing from the UK.  VGMDB only had a link to the makers' site instead of one to US Amazon.  Oh well.

Happy to finally have this on CD, though.  So annoyed with Bluray-only releases.

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