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avatar! Jan 19, 2006

How exciting!
OK, let me start by asking a question.  I'm thinking of getting a Ghost in the Shell movie.  Any recommendations?  I'm leaning towards the first...



jmj20320514 Jan 19, 2006 (edited Jan 19, 2006)

The movies aren't as accessible as the Stand Alone Complex series, but if you're going to watch them, then I'd suggest watching them in order. The plot takes a backseat to the larger issues it tries to tackle (especially in part 1), so people looking for a good character-driven story won't exactly be pleased. You're also thrown head-first into a futuristic world where if you're disinterested in the technology or politics (or both) of said world, you'd be better off watching Naruto or some newer incarnation of Dragonball.

Seeing Innocence (the second one) is a bit jarring due to the leap in visual quality, but you'll get the whole story by watching 1, then 2.

Adam Corn Jan 19, 2006

Just to clarify, the Anime & Film Music forum is for music discussion.  Thus the move to the Open Topic forum.

On the bright side, thanks for giving me a chance to test out the forums' move topic feature wink

Drunkbeard Jan 22, 2006

Go with the first one. While Stand Alone Complex is better, the first movie is better than the second. smile

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