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JasonMalice Mar 5, 2006 (edited Mar 5, 2006)

What do you all use to burn FLAC to an audio cd?

I figure FLAC to MP3 would be the easiest way, and then burning the MP3s.....but I know that FLAC to WAV is just as tasty...

Or is there a way that I can (successfully) burn FLAC directly to Audio CD?

TerraEpon Mar 5, 2006 NO NO.

Don't even THINK of going to Mp3 fropm Flac if you're going to burn it. FLAC is a lossless format, meaning it sounds EXACTLY the same as the original CD (if sourced from it).
I belive Nero and others can burn it directly, but if not,
Go on and read up. It's fully free and open source.


Bill C. Mar 7, 2006

If you have Nero installed, grab foobar2000 (and its Nero plugin) and use that to go straight, or nearly straight, from FLAC to disc.  If Nero actually can import FLACs directly, though, go that route.

CarlaEllis May 24, 2012

To help achieve a better audio effect, Easy FLAC to MP3 converter enables users to set output parameters such as Encoder, Audio Bitrate, Channels and Sample Rate freely for the file they have selected.

convert flac to mp3

Dartannian May 24, 2012

What I'd like to know is how to convert from WAV to FLAC.

Been keeping uncompressed/lossless audio in WAV up until now, but it's said that FLAC is more superior and easier to work with.

TerraEpon May 25, 2012

See my post above for starters.

Plenty of other options, such as Foobar, as well.

Adam Corn May 25, 2012

If you're looking to edit flac files as well, recent versions of Audacity open and save directly to flac.
Has been handy for making samples for this site. big_smile

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