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I hate Gamestop! (Gaming) by manganzon81 (Jan 19, 2013)

What is it with GameStop?  Is anyone with me in agreeing their whole thing with unsealing a new copy of a game and using it as a "display copy" and selling that copy for full price when it is the last one in stock?

I have always had the worst luck when trying to buy a game from this store.  It is almost always the last one in stock and is always that "display copy". 

The only reason I just bought a game today from them was because they tracked down a copy of the rare Gamestop exclusive game Xenoblade Chronicles for me.  Of course it was a "display copy" and not sealed.  I gave in and just paid the 50 cause anywhere else (amazon, ebay)  this game goes for at least 70 bucks.

I tried to speak up and tell these guys how wrong it is and I get some BS how its visual marketing to display the cover of the game in the store (no duh) and theres no way for them to tell what game the customer is looking for when they're browsing.  Really?  Im not an idiot.  OF course I know that.  But theres a way to do it without unsealing a copy of a new game and selling that copy for full price.  What they SHOULD do is either display the sealed copy with a security tag on it like best buy or get fake cases and xerox copies of the cover of the game.  It's really that simple!

I checked the Xenoblade copy and it all seemed new but still.  I walked out of that store just now feeling gipped somehow.  If it wasn't cause it was Xenoblade being out of print and not a gamestop exclusive I would've NEVER bought it.  I NEVER go into that store.

Just needed to vent. I'm gonna try to forget about it and just enjoy this incredible game! Thanks!

Re: Ys and Falcom music available for download on iTunes. :) (Soundtracks) by manganzon81 (Mar 11, 2012)

What are you guys talking about?  I discovered some weeks ago poking around in the iTunes store that a LOT of Falcom stuff is on there for purchase on the USA iTunes.  I just checked now and its still all there!  Search Falcom.  There's like 29 albums for download!

Re: Under Defeat HD! (Gaming) by manganzon81 (Feb 23, 2012)

brandonk wrote:

So what's the deal with this?  Is it region free? Was thinking of getting the xbox 360 version, for $100+, no way...did the US release get cancelled?  I heard the soundtrack (what looks to be an older arrangement) from no-life radio and was really impressed.

The PS3 version is of course region free.  The 360 version is not.  I got my copy yesterday and played for about a half hour.  It looks fantastic filling the whole 16:9 screen.  This mode is called the "New Order" mode.  In this option you have the option to have the music be "New Order" which has to me what seems to be an all new soundtrack by Yosuke Yasui.  It might be an arrangement but if it is, it is VERY different from the original music.  You can also choose the music to be "Original".

In the arcade mode (screen cut off like the DC version) you have the option for "Original" music mode or "Arrange" mode.  I havent tried it yet but I believe the "Arrange" music mode is the original music with the added guitar solos that was the exclusive to the DC version.  You cannot choose the Arrange mode on the New Order mode.

The LE also comes with a tutorial video DVD.  Its region 2 but it worked in my PS3!  I didnt know American PS3's could play Region 2 DVDs.  The Soundtrack it comes is only the 6 tracks that Yasui re did.  Looks like the DC LE version is the only one with the full original, arrange and arranged arranged soundtracks!

Under Defeat HD! (Gaming) by manganzon81 (Feb 21, 2012)

My LE PS3 copy is on its way!  I own the LE DC version and love the game so much I Have no problem buying it again with remastered graphics (yes the game has the option for using the full 16:9 widescreen!) and of course the newly re made soundtrack (I heard its switchable to the original DC music as well!).  LE comes packed with the soundtrack!

Anyone else get?!

Re: Ys - US releases (Gaming) by manganzon81 (Feb 7, 2012)

Ys Seven I played and beat. Great soundtrack!  Currently playing Ys Oath of Felgahna but am stuck at that Dragon boss in the lava area.  I guess I should take Angela's advice and level up more?  The freakin guy is impossible!  I havent played in days cause of the difficulty!  Great music in that game as well!

Re: Final Fantasy XIII-2 OST (Soundtracks) by manganzon81 (Feb 7, 2012)

the_miker wrote:
manganzon81 wrote:

I have the FF XIII-2 Collectors Edition that comes with the 4 CD soundtrack.  Just to let everyone know, the Invisible (Unseen) Invaders track that plays during Bresha Ruins DOES have that terrible girl rapping on it!  The game itself DOES NOT have the rap like in the Demo and is actually a much better track.  I figured they would've put this version on the OST but it seems they left the original Japanese version with the rapping.

Anyone know where the instrumental can be gotten!?

Here you go! … demo-loved

I also ripped the US version of "Worlds Collide" which is just slightly different than the OST version. … -of-worlds

I totally agree with you, by the way.  I've heard all the songs with vocals up to disc 3 of the OST and I love them all except that awful rap on Invisible Invader (Unseen Intruder).  That lady just plain sucks at rapping.  Square Enix USA made the right call by getting the vocals out of there.  As for Worlds Collide.. I like both versions, though the US edit with the distorted vocals seems to have a more epic/sense of urgency feel to it.

I KNEW IT!  I KNEW on Worlds Collide the guy rapping sounded different.  It seems they put some sort of "distort" effect on his voice like he's rapping through a walkie talkie.   And when I heard the version on the OST his rapping was crystal clear and thought "hmmm... the version in game sounds better"!

I wonder who decided those two tracks get those changes. Invisible Invaders being the more prominent change.  The USA version has like a whole new part to the song (which sounds better).  Was it SQUARE USA that went back to Naoshi Mizuta and was like "Hey man, you gotta change this song and take out vocals" lol.  Or was this decided at Square in Japan?  The composer?

And why change those two songs and not the other vocals in the game. Why not take out some of the other vocals?  Why only Invisible Invaders?

Re: Final Fantasy XIII-2 OST (Soundtracks) by manganzon81 (Feb 7, 2012)

I have the FF XIII-2 Collectors Edition that comes with the 4 CD soundtrack.  Just to let everyone know, the Invisible (Unseen) Invaders track that plays during Bresha Ruins DOES have that terrible girl rapping on it!  The game itself DOES NOT have the rap like in the Demo and is actually a much better track.  I figured they would've put this version on the OST but it seems they left the original Japanese version with the rapping.

Anyone know where the instrumental can be gotten!?

Also, I've heard the music up to Disc 2 so far in the game and OST and I think this OST is VERY strong!  The Hamauzu tracks are absolutely amazing (listen to Divine Conflict NOW!). Major chills!

"Eclipse" on Disc 2 by Mitsuto Suzuki is mindblowing as well!

Final Fantasy XIII-2 OST (Soundtracks) by manganzon81 (Jan 27, 2012)

Anyone have the Japanese copy?  Anyone play the demo and have opinions about the music featured there? 
Where are the reviews for this!? smile

I've played the demo only so far and can say the music sounds fantastic!  The battle theme has grown on me!  Bresha Ruins is especially great!  But, I found out the Japanese version of this track has an incredibly annoying woman rapping over it!  It sounds quite terrible.  The rap was taken OUT of the US Demo and it sounds so much better!  I am hoping that the soundtrack included in the LE of the game will have that terrible rap omitted!

Konami GM Hits Factory II (Soundtracks) by manganzon81 (Dec 22, 2011)

Question... The live version of Vampire Killer on that disc... Does anyone know WHAT concert that was taken from and if any other tracks from that concert exist?!  Did Kukeiha Club just perform that one song or was there a full concert?!  I assume it was a full concert right?!  They only put that one live track on that CD so Im just wondering!  Awesome arrangement by the way...

Re: VGM that gives you chills (Soundtracks) by manganzon81 (Sep 5, 2011)

vert1 wrote:

Guilty Gear X-Awe of She
Ibara - Guardian Angel
Sailing to the World - Point of No Return
F-Zero X - Crazy Call At Cry
Persona 3 FES - Darkness
Winbee's Neo Cinema ~Evergreen side~ - Farewell

Most recent:

Senko No Ronde - North Star
Senko No Ronde - Grey Lips

Yes!  That arrangement of "Farewell" on that Winbee's Neo Cinema album gives me chills as well!  That guitar solo is magical!

Re: Eschatos (Super Sweep) (Soundtracks) by manganzon81 (Sep 1, 2011)

brandonk wrote:

It's like he never missed a beat...Just ordered Eschatos the game (Region free Xbox)- looking forward to that

Where has this guy been?  He just came out of nowhere and did this one track?  I wonder how it came about. 

I've been playing Ys Seven and they should REALLY come out with a Perfect Collection album arranged by Ryo!  It would be perfect for him!

Re: VGM that gives you chills (Soundtracks) by manganzon81 (Aug 25, 2011)

vert1 wrote:

"XBox 360 Menu Music in Mushihimesama Futari Ver 1.5 (when you choose mode of game, ver 1.5, arrange, black label).  Just bought this game the other day and when this came on I was like ""  Chills followed."

That tune is great. I sent my copy of the game to someone to rip it (and then possibly put it up here for people to download). Still waiting on the rip. I'm amazed no one has ripped it on the internet from what I've seen.

Aw yes!!!  Please put that up!  I can't even find this OST anywhere!  And that OST came out in 07 and I assume does not even have that music as it seems like that one menu is exclusive to the 360 version of the game.

Re: VGM that gives you chills (Soundtracks) by manganzon81 (Aug 25, 2011)

Excellent discussion! 

Dracula X (Turbo Duo Version) Bloodlines:  The very beginning of that song seeing it with the game always gave me chills when i first saw this game back in 93 at my neighbors head.  When that level name slides on screen and that awesome ambient synth begins.  Chills!

FF VII Opening~Bombing Mission:  The whole part in the beginning of intro where the camera is zooming out the city and the title comes up and quick cuts of train pulling into station as camera zooms back in to other side of city.  Euphoric!

Omega Five ~ Violent Guardian (Arranged version by Takanori Sato):  Awesome synth solos in this.  Chills!

All volumes of Perfect Collection Ys IV The Dawn of Ys - Ryo Yonemitsu:  No words to describe.  Just simply incredible.

XBox 360 Menu Music in Mushihimesama Futari Ver 1.5 (when you choose mode of game, ver 1.5, arrange, black label).  Just bought this game the other day and when this came on I was like ""  Chills followed.

There's more but these are first that come to mind right now!

Re: VGM that gives you chills (Soundtracks) by manganzon81 (Aug 25, 2011)

Yuvraj wrote:

Oh, that would have to be Ys IV's "Temple of the Sun" (from Perfect Collection vol.3) . This might be the powerful track I've heard in vgm. And no it doesn't belong in my favorites list; I could count the number of times I've listened to this track on less than two hands. It's an experience that I savor. The whole album is godlike, but this track is the pinnacle.

Here here.  I've actually been listening to all of his Ys IV Perfect Collection albums the past few days.  That track is indeed incredible!  I'd really like to own actual copies of those albums!

Re: Eschatos (Super Sweep) (Soundtracks) by manganzon81 (Aug 25, 2011)

OH my!  I've been listening to Ryo's Ys IV Perfect Collections albums the past few days and to hear THIS THAT HE DID NOW IN 2011!  HOLY CRAP!  THIS TRACK IS INCREDIBLE!

Attended Distant Worlds at BAM Last Night! (Soundtracks) by manganzon81 (Apr 2, 2011)

First game music symphony concert I've been to and overall was great!  It was awesome to see Nobuo Uematsu in REAL life and could not believe he was in my home city of Brooklyn NY!

As soon as that harp started playing the prelude CHILLS ensued!  Magic!

They played a lot of stuff from the later FF games (FF VII - FFXIV).  Although nothing was played from I, II, III, IV, and IX.

Final Song was Terra's Theme with the Mechs walking through the snow on the HD screen while the concert had its own SNES text font End Credits!  Pretty Cool.

Final Encore was One Winged Angel which EVERYONE went nuts for.  And Nobuo actually ran up on stage and joined the choir in singing!  The audience was roaring!

There were some issue's I had a problem with!

1.  Programs -  There were NO programs whatsoever for the concert.  There's always a program for orchestra symphony concerts. 

2.  A bit TOO much talking - Since there were no programs.  Arnie Roth was turning around after every song or two and telling us the names of the songs they were about to play.  Every once in awhile its great to hear the conductor talk but I don't know... I felt it was a bit TOO much.  He also kept stressing at the fact there were all these FF XIV songs they were going to play that have "Never Been Performed in North America!".  It's really not that big of a deal.  Those XIV tracks were not that great and got moderate applause. 

3.  HD Video Screen - Now this was a bigger problem I had.  The screen kinda sucked IMO.  The footage they were playing looked like it was 2nd or 3rd generation quality.  You figured since the end credits said the footage was provided by Square/Enix that it would be a CLEAN sharp quality picture from all the games.  FFVIII was particularly a problem with a real DARK picture!  Also the lighting on the orchestra was reflecting on the screen creating a little bit of an annoying glare!  Finally, "Opening/Bombing Mission" was TOTALLY eff'd up sync wise with the video screen and pissed me off the MOST!  This is one of the most IMPORTANT FF tracks composed that REQUIRES sync with the intro to the game and it was TOTALLY OFF!  There was no ambient synth in the beginning when the camera is panning around the stars.  They started the main piece when the stars come up when it isn't supposed to start until we see Aerith looking at the materia!  And that huge CLASH of symbols and horns when the FF 7 title comes up after the camera zooms out of the city happened when we just START pulling out from Aerith walking in the street!  WTF!  It totally ruined it! 

On the plus side, the screen did work with the perfectly with the FF VIII battle song with a fantastic montage of battles from the game.  And it also worked great with an arrangement of the Chocobo song from FF XIV and Swing De Chocobo.  It was great how they started with the Chocobos running around the overworld in FFIV and seeing the progression all the way through FF XIV!  Nicely done.


4.  The Sound Mix/Volume -  This I had the biggest problem with.  If anyone went to this concert last night tell me if I'm crazy or not but the overall volume of the mix on the sound monitors seemed to be LOW!  I don't know if it was the arrangements themselves or the sound mix guy in the back just needed to boost the volume but for some of the pieces it was very annoying!  The biggest problem being with "Blinded by Light".  I love this battle song and it was totally ruined!  The song has so much energy and the main part when the violins kick in were so LOW you could barely hear them!  Even when you play the game and the sfx from the battle are on full volume those violins charge through with that amazing melody!  My girlfriend was with me and is not an avid FF fan and even she agreed the volume was too low on that song and overall!
JENOVA was also another energy driven song where I felt the volume was too low!  Too bad!  BTW, I think this song works a million times better as the Black Mages arrangement than a symphony IMO.

Other than that, it was great to see this music peformed live and be watching it in the same audience as the master Nobuo Uematsu!

Re: Red Dead Redemption (Soundtracks) by manganzon81 (May 21, 2010)

Yeah.  These tracks sound pretty good.  Sounds more like a western movie score than game music.  But hey I guess that's a good thing.

I still can't get enough of the J-Synth Rock game music from the early to mid 90's though smile

Re: Recommendations! (Soundtracks) by manganzon81 (Oct 27, 2008)

Wow guys, thanks for all the recommendations!  Much appreciated.  Surprised you guys didnt mention albums like Thunder Force V and that Broken Thunder album that recently came out!  Great synth rock done in the 21st century!  Oh and also the Under Defeat OST absolutely floored me (glad I got the LE edition of the game that came with the OST smile

I guess the next game coming out that will also have this type of music is THUNDER FORCE VI for PS2 (still cant believe its coming).  I cannot WAIT to hear music from that game!!  I'm really hoping that game comes stateside!

Recommendations! (Soundtracks) by manganzon81 (Oct 26, 2008)

Hey guys.  I need some album recommendations here.  I recently aquired all three volumes of the Ys IV Dawn of Souls Perfect Collection albums!  WOW!  THIS IS the game music i absolutely love.  That fast paced rock synth stuff!  Can anyone recommend me any other albums that have this SAME EXACT style!?  Especially tracks like "Karhna" on the volume 1 album!  Thanks!


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