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Re: Massive VGM Sale! Rare items included! (Marketplace) by Harry (Jul 7, 2010)

Sorry to double post, but I thought it would be pertinent to make clear that none of the aforementioned CDs for sale come with their original obis. My apologies for not stating this earlier.

Re: Massive VGM Sale! Rare items included! (Marketplace) by Harry (Jul 7, 2010)

Cheers for the feedback, Elemental Knight. smile

Just a quick note: In light of the hefty shipping costs and in effort to expedite sales, I've decided to change all prices on the aforementioned list to Australian dollars. This means purchasing more in this currency is significantly cheaper relative to its US counterpart, and should provide prospective customers some compensation for the shipping fee. smile

Massive VGM Sale! Rare items included! (Marketplace) by Harry (Jun 23, 2010)

Dear all,

I've ran into some financial difficulties recently, which is further compounded by a desire to travel. As a result, I need to sell off some of my VGM collection, which was built up over the years of 2005 - 2007. Listed below are 51 items from this collection, including 14 albums signed by their respective composers and other rare items. I do not sell bootlegs; all items here are genuine Japanese prints according to their catalogue numbers attached below.

Unless stated otherwise, all items are in mint/almost new condition. All CDs play without difficulty. Those interested in purchasing one or more albums may request for photographic evidence of an album's condition.

All prices are in $AUD, including shipping arrangements outlined below.

Chrono Trigger OSV – NTCP-5021 (NTT. Publishing - reprint) (signed by Yasunori Mitsuda) - SOLD
Chrono Cross OST – SQEX-10047 (Square Enix - reprint) (signed by Yasunori Mitsuda) - SOLD
Xenogears OST - SQEX-10043 (Square Enix - reprint) (signed by Yasunori Mitsuda) - SOLD
Xenosaga OST – SSCX-10062 (DigiCube) (signed by Yasunori Mitsuda) - SOLD
Au Cinniuint – SBPS-0001 (Procyon Studio) (signed by Yasunori Mitsuda) - SOLD
Sailing to the World – SBPS-0003 (Procyon Studio) (signed by Yasunori Mitsuda) - SOLD
Moonlit Shadow – SBPS-0007 (Procyon Studio) (signed by Yasunori Mitsuda) - SOLD
Kingdom Hearts OST – TOCT-24768 (Toshiba) - $20
Legaia Duel Saga OST – MACM-2024 (MOVIC) (signed by Yasunori Mitsuda and Hitoshi Sakimoto - EXTREMELY RARE) - SOLD
Drag-on Dragoon 2 OST – AICL-1628 (Sony Music Associated Records) - $20
Ace Combat 04 Shattered Skies – SCDC-00146 (Scitron Discs) - $20
UNLIMITED: SaGa OST - SSCX-10078 (DigiCube) - $25
Tekken 6 + Dark Resurrection OST – VICL-62048 (Victor) - $10 (crack on the front case - reduced to $10)
Riviera OST – BJCA-0018 (digi+momo) - $10
Atelier Iris Eternal Mana Arranged Tracks DECEITFUL WINGS - KDSD-10011 (TEAM Entertainment) $15
Shadow of the Colossus – KICA-1379 (King Records) - $20
Tales of Legendia OST – AVCD-17741 (Avex) - $20
Baten Kaitos OST – KDSD-00024 (TEAM Entertainment) - $20
Baten Kaitos II OST – KDSD-00096 (TEAM Entertainment) - $20
Seiken Densetsu / Legend of Mana OST – SQEX-10036 (Square Enix – reprint) - $20
Dirge of Cerberus OST – CRCP-40139 (Nippon Crown) - $15
Shadow Hearts OST plus 1 – SCDC-100403 (Scitron Discs) (signed by Yasunori Mitsuda) - SOLD
Shadow Hearts II OST – KDSD-00030 (TEAM Entertainment) (signed by Yasunori Mitsuda) - SOLD
Star Ocean OST – KDSD-00028 (TEAM Entertainment) - $25
Star Ocean III Til the End of Time Vol.1 and Vol.2 – KDSD-00002 / KDSD-00004 (TEAM Entertainment) - $30 (individual volumes - $15 each)
Shadow Hearts III OST – KDSD-00078  (TEAM Entertainment) - $20
Front Mission 5 Scars of War OST – SQEX-10055 (Square Enix) - $15
Front Mission 4 plus 1st OST – SQEX-10021 (Square Enix) - $15
Front Mission Online OST – SQEX-10078 (Square Enix) - $15
Grandia III OST Limited Edition - TRCD-10048 (TWOFIVE Records) $30
Motoi Sakuraba Live DVD – KDDV-00001 (TEAM Entertainment) - $25
Perfect Collection Ys I & II - Complete Works of Ryo Yonemitsu – NW10102460 (Nippon Falcom) - $20
Perfect Collection Ys I & II Super Arrange – NW10102470 (Nippon Falcom) - $20
Ys VI OST – NW10102630 (Nippon Falcom) - $20
Ys VI Vocal Version The Songs of Zemeth – NW10102640 (Nippon Falcom) - $15
Perfect Collection Ys Oath in Felghana – NW10102650 (Nippon Falcom) - SOLD
Ys Oath in Felghana Premium Box Set – Promotional (Nippon Falcom) - $60
Game Sound Legend Consumer Series Biography Estopolis Soundtrack – SCDC-00486 (Scitron Discs) - $20
Genso Suikoden V OST – GFCA-00041 (Konami Digital Entertainment) - $20
Atelier Iris Grand Fantasm OST - KDSD-10015 (TEAM Entertainment) - $20
Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne OST – SWVC-7173 (Aniplex) - $20
Digital Devil Saga Avatar Tuner 1 & 2 / Integral OST – VGCD-0021 (Five Records) - $20
Final Fantasy XII OST Limited Edition - SVWC-7351 (Aniplex) (signed by Hitoshi Sakimoto) - $35
Final Fantasy Tactics OST - SQEX-10066 (Square Enix - reprint) (signed by Hitoshi Sakimoto) - $30
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance OST – SQEX-10070 (Square Enix - reprint) (signed by Hitoshi Sakimoto) - SOLD
Vagrant Story OST – SQEX-10068 (Square Enix - reprint) (signed by Hitoshi Sakimoto) - SOLD
Stella Deus OST – SWVC-7215 (Aniplex) (signed by Hitoshi Sakimoto) - SOLD
Valkyrie Profile OST - KDSD-00088 (TEAM Enterainment – reprint) - $15
Valkyrie Profile II OST Vol.1 & Vol.2 + Box - KDSD-00102 / KDSD-00104 (TEAM Entertainment) - $40 (individual volumes - $20 each)
Final Fantasy III DS OST – SQEX-10076 (Square Enix) - $15
Soul Calibur III OST – VIZL-158 (Victor Entertainment) - $15
Mushihimesama OST – CVST-0002 (Cave) (Hitoshi Sakimoto’s/Basiscape's original copy) - $40
Akumajo Dracula ~Gekka no Nocturne~ OST - KICA-7760 (King Records) - $15

All shipping is conducted through Australia Post. Pursuant to Auspost's shipping methods, the typical cost to ship a standard package of up to 750g to the US is approximately $21.30AUD (about $19USD). Delivery time is expected within 5-10 working days. This makes shipping packages a little expensive, however single sleeve albums can be posted via ordinary mail for significantly less and with a more compact time frame. Because of this complex arrangement, shipping charges will be calculated individually for each package sold to ensure greater accuracy.

Those interested in purchasing an album(s) should send me an email at



Re: Your October release purchases? (Open Topic) by Harry (Sep 30, 2007)

Jay wrote:

The only must-have for me is Zelda. Really hoping it's excellent. I love what I've seen so far and have only been hearing good things.

It really is excellent. I recently finished it and was generally very impressed. It's quite different to the average Zelda adventure (I've never played Wind Waker). Make sure to pick it up.

Re: Press Start 2007 Symphony of Games Concert (Soundtracks) by Harry (Sep 17, 2007)

It was on today. I went. It was good fun. The best part was when OWA played as an encore. Man, who could have predicted it?!

In all seriousness, the event was decent. The arrangements were fresh, but aside from Takemoto (the conductor) the whole show lacked energy. The standout acts were the non-orchestral themes. Only 14 tracks were played in total, but none of them were that long in length. The special guests did nothing other than appear on stage and say a few words.

Some surprise additions were Sakura Taisen and a decent Soule medely that Uematsu added in cause he liked it from the Chicago Play! show.

In short, a good show, but wasn't worth the 80$ to see.

Re: Mitsuda Doing Level 5's Inazuma Eleven? (Soundtracks) by Harry (Sep 1, 2007)

Mitsuda will be composing. Also to note is that Mitsuda was announced as the sound producer for Luminous Arc 2. He won't be composing this time. (not that he really did on the first game either...)

Re: JDK BAND Live 2007! (Soundtracks) by Harry (Jul 27, 2007)

Heres the drift of it basically.

JDK Band Revival Debut Event

Continuing from the previous Falcom Live event!
Featuring a re-newed JDK Band.

However this time it will be somewhat different.
There will be 2 events on the same day, one featuring all Ys music,
titled, 'Program Ys' and the other featuring all Sora no Kiseki music, titled 'Program Sora no Kiseki'.

Osaka: September 29th   Hall: Another Dream

Program Ys: 4:30pm begin (scheduled to end at around 5:30pm)
Program Sora no Kiseki: 6:30pm begin (scheduled to end at around 7:30pm)

Tokyo: October 8th   Hall: Club Goodman

Program Ys: 2:30pm begin (scheduled to end at around 3:30pm)
Program Sora no Kiseki: 6:00pm begin (scheduled to end at around 7:00pm).

For each program, tickets will cost 2,500 Yen (order beforehand) / 3,500 Yen (on the day)
Please keep in mind that times may vary for each city.

All members will get a special CD, titled, Falcom Unpublished Music Collection Fall 2007. It will contain prearranged, and original sound source material from recent Falcom games (Ys Origin, etc).

Re: Eminence performance at Otakon 2007 (Soundtracks) by Harry (Jul 25, 2007)

Could someone post a proper tracklist?

Re: Your top five releases of 2007 so far (Soundtracks) by Harry (Jul 24, 2007)

GoldfishX wrote:

Yeah...Latter part of last year. Which means we can assume it's been pushed to this year...Hopefully.

At EXTRA, Uematsu stated that the album will most likely come available at the beginning of 2008.

Re: Earthquake in Japan? (Open Topic) by Harry (Jul 18, 2007)

Certainly not nearly as large as the earthquake in Ishikawa-ken earlier this year, but it did do a lot of damage. I didn't feel anything, though I live about 300 km from the impact site.

Re: Interview with Eminence's Hiroaki Yura (Soundtracks) by Harry (Jul 16, 2007)

I'll give my review: It was great.

Re: Eminence coming to the US (Soundtracks) by Harry (Jun 26, 2007)

Stephen wrote:

It's odd that this isn't announced on Sakimoto's U.S. website that Cocoebiz is hosting.   Did this negotiation take place outside of Cocoebiz's scope?

Currently, the person who updates Sakimoto (and the other websites, outside a few) is currently on holiday and has no time to update. But rest assure, it will be attended to later.

Re: Eminence coming to the US (Soundtracks) by Harry (Jun 25, 2007)

GoldfishX wrote:

Yes, I understand that (especially since I know Otakon runs on a tight budget, so I bet they'd try to keep expenses as low as possible...Normally, their music guests are either a single performer or a 4-5 member band, so travel expenses probably aren't too bad)...What I meant was are the people that are coming basically the "core" of the group? Is everyone else who isn't coming not considered part of Eminence normally (like just studio/extra performers)?

I see. Well, generally, Eminence has two limited list of core players, though Yura is the only defined clore player going in this event. Ito, up until the US concert, will have played in 2 other Eminence concert series, so I don't if that really constitues. The rest are new, as far as I know, but all have studied at the same music school.

Re: Eminence coming to the US (Soundtracks) by Harry (Jun 25, 2007)

GoldfishX wrote:

Sorry, I don't follow Eminence enough to care about them. So they're primarily the small list of guys listed for Otakon and not the orchestra I've heard about? I don't really understand their set-up.

From a pure financial perspective, it would be somewhat of a suicide to shift an entire 50 piece + orchestra to a completely foreign country with no player history, hence why the small setup.

Re: Hyper Game Music Event 2007 Live (Soundtracks) by Harry (Jun 15, 2007)

I'm heading there, so I'll try (remember) reporting here once I'm back.

Re: Takahiro 'T.J' Yagi Leaves Scitron Discs / Happinet Corp. (Soundtracks) by Harry (Jun 11, 2007)

Thought I'd bump this thread with the good news that Yagi is now producer of the media devision at Super Sweep (Shinji Hosoe's company).

Re: Albums with uncredited instrumentalists (Soundtracks) by Harry (Apr 30, 2007)

Cedille wrote:

Or there isn't enough space to credit them.

Most of performers' info on "Staff Roll" from Vagrant Story was omitted because they were scratch studio musicians.

Most of the performers were omitted from the liner notes because there were too many to list.

Re: Masashi Hamauzu Solo Album. (Soundtracks) by Harry (Mar 2, 2007)

Datschge wrote:
PeteV wrote:

his hometown of Munich

More like his birthplace. Anyone know if he speaks German? =P

I heard that he does. Score points for Datschge! tongue

Re: Mitsuda's new project. (Soundtracks) by Harry (Feb 27, 2007)


Not to steal the thunder from this but what ever happened to that fabled Chrono Cross arrange project?

Mitsuda says it's near completion, even some musicians have recorded their parts already. He also says it will come out this year.

Re: I heard this somewhere before... O_o (Soundtracks) by Harry (Feb 19, 2007)

Zane wrote:

That's all good and fine, but I don't buy the "not intended as elitism" bit. Editing posts so you don't sound like you're talking down to someone doesn't really help when that person already quoted your original, unedited post.

I edited that before you posted yours.

Re: I heard this somewhere before... O_o (Soundtracks) by Harry (Feb 19, 2007)

Zane, that comment was not intended as 'elitism' or as such, but as Datschge said, we shouldn't be comparing compositions by the same composer. There's more of less 1,000's of examples that could be said in terms of some of the more popular people (Sakuraba especially). I'm not saying don't list themes by the one composer, but it would probably be better if you submit compositions by 2 different guys. smile

(Well, obviously not 1,000's, but you get my point. wink )

Re: I heard this somewhere before... O_o (Soundtracks) by Harry (Feb 19, 2007)

Datschge wrote:

Should we really compare stuff by the same composer?

I was about to say the same thing.

But...quite a bit of Blue Dragon is reminiscent of Uematsu's previous work. tongue

A Night in Fantasia 2007 - Wow (Soundtracks) by Harry (Feb 13, 2007)

Just look at the A Night in Fantasia 2007 guest list...

Guests: Kow Otani, Shiro Hamaguchi, Masaru Shiina, Junichi Nakatsuru, Yasunori Mitsuda, Yoko Shimomura and Hitoshi Sakimoto.

You can view the official website here (and then click on "Click to View Website" on the banner).

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