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#1 Took a while, didn't it? Dec 10, 2008 [Soundtracks] by jmj20320514
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I won't irritate anyone with holy day rhetoric, but I do come bearing a gift. Because I love game music, I love Soundtrack Central and I smell awesome. Admit it, I do.

After Itagaki leveling Tecmo with his Greater Justice Fist, my primary concern was the fate of Project Zero. Not necessarily because of the Fatal Frame series (I think a sequel was just announced), but (predictably) because I want to see a current-gen Deception game.

This here's a BGM rip I made recently for TRAPT/Kagero 2: Dark Illusion. The composers at Project Zero are in top form with this soundtrack and I think everyone should give it a listen if that's yer thing. wink

Sorry to anyone who has an issue with the file-sharing service or 7zipped archives. I hope this at least gets the file spread around.

Happy snow-snow time, peoples.

#2 Re:SecuROM, destroyer of the computer game industry... Dec 10, 2008 [Gaming] by jmj20320514

Gina never answered my love letters. sad

#3 Re:Hello, thanks for the insult! Dec 10, 2008 [Open Topic] by jmj20320514

Here's some perspective: Calling someone fat and dumb says more about the person saying it than anything else.

#4 Re:Colossus #6 can sod off. Sep 22, 2008 [Gaming] by jmj20320514
Bernhardt wrote:

LUSHOUS orchestration


#5 Re:Misheard lyrics Sep 22, 2008 [Open Topic] by jmj20320514

This thread makes me want more buffalo.

#6 Re:POL's VILLAGE-VOICE POLL Sep 22, 2008 [Open Topic] by jmj20320514

No DS for me. I'm a guy that likes having my PSP played with on occasion, though.

#7 Re:POL's VILLAGE-VOICE POLL Sep 17, 2008 [Open Topic] by jmj20320514

Brad Fang owns all your moms.

#8 Re:hyprocrasy incarnate = the church Sep 14, 2008 [Open Topic] by jmj20320514

Torahic meaning "of the Torah." There are other holy books out there, y'know.

#9 Re:POLL: Your favourite VGM piece? Sep 14, 2008 [Soundtracks] by jmj20320514

Good to see you're still up and at 'em too, DK.

Sorry to disappoint, but I listened to The Last Sucker twice before writing off Ministry completely. Things had been going steadily downhill since Animositisomina and I knew that Mr. Jourgensen had become too much of a grandpa to start putting out stuff like The Mind is a Terrible Thing To Taste (Ministry's best work, IMHO) again. Besides, albums about Bush are going to show their age pretty quickly in the coming years and I don't think I'll be wanting to hear any more about it. wink

Sorry for the minor threadjacking. Still alive, tho.

#10 Re:Music considered popular. Sep 14, 2008 [Open Topic] by jmj20320514
SonicPanda wrote:

This happens with my dad a lot. He'll be watching say, House, and suddenly jump up in notice of a song covering an episode-ending montage and jump onto the official site to find out what song it was. I guess with the Top 40 homogeny of most radio networks these days, people are expanding their horizons in other ways. But then where do the people adding music to programs and commercials get their taste from? I bet this is one of those enigmas that boils down to Some Guy Named Steve in London, or something.

It's more like Some Guy Named Steve in Hollywood or NYC. These are just co-producers who are bombarded with band members trying to network their demo up so that they can get a little hype on a TV show. If "Steve" likes it or feels it fits with the project, you're in.

I went to a seminar with girlfriend-at-the-time who had classical musical training and the only worthwhile advice the panel could give was: "Court the tv people. They'll get you exposure."

One would assume that it's because the record industry is tanking, but it's always been shrewd practice for a band or artist to tag onto as many household-name TV and movie soundtrack projects as possible. Even to a point where they'd re-release a 5-year-old song to make it onto a compilation.

#11 Re:POLL: Your favourite VGM piece? Sep 14, 2008 [Soundtracks] by jmj20320514

"Spanish Flea" by Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass.

No, wait...

#12 Re:Colossus #6 can sod off. Sep 14, 2008 [Gaming] by jmj20320514

Just spend a little time hunting for lizard tails to get your grip meter up.

Bearded Colossus was actually one of the easiest ones for me to beat.

#13 Re:DVD box sets that don't exist, but you want Sep 14, 2008 [Open Topic] by jmj20320514

Where's my Eek The Cat box set...?

#14 Re:hyprocrasy incarnate = the church Sep 14, 2008 [Open Topic] by jmj20320514
Ramza wrote:

All I'll say is "thou shalt not murder" has been understood from day 1 to the present as ONLY human-to-human.

Actually, it was only meant to be from one Judahite to the other. Killing outsiders of the tribe/kingdom was perfectly legit according to Torahic law.

#15 Re:POL's VILLAGE-VOICE POLL Sep 14, 2008 [Open Topic] by jmj20320514

Wasn't the original Yokozuna-bot in Contra Hard Corps?

#16 Re:Gradius as a Text Adventure Jun 2, 2008 [Gaming] by jmj20320514

I would play this with a DDR pad.

#17 Re:Just what everyone needs - more crap from Square Enix. May 29, 2008 [Gaming] by jmj20320514

Honestly, I don't care much about SqEx, but the Ivalice Alliance is hot shit. Don't hate, y'all.

Jay wrote:

I suspect this series is really just going to become a parody of itself at some point, if it hasn't already.

Silent Hill 3 came out ages ago.

#19 Re:Sex and Videogames May 6, 2008 [Open Topic] by jmj20320514
Stephen wrote:

That should be "Cor Blimey!" based on your avatar.  heh

Urgh. A missed opportunity. I've been away too long. sad

Shoe wrote:

..and trojans.

Is that internet nerd-speak for an STD?

#20 Re:I got interviewed. May 1, 2008 [Open Topic] by jmj20320514

Good jorb, man.

#21 Re:Sex and Videogames May 1, 2008 [Open Topic] by jmj20320514

Oh my...

#22 Re:PSP gets another rare PC Engine game... Sapphire May 1, 2008 [Gaming] by jmj20320514
Abrahm wrote:

I'm interested, but... am I gonna have to hold my PSP vertically to play it?  There's an option to do that with another PSP shooter (I can't remember the name now).

Star Soldier. I spend a few minutes at a time playing it in the restroom at work. tongue

#23 Re:Rez HD and Ikaruga coming to XBLA Sep 14, 2007 [Gaming] by jmj20320514

Just when I thought I had no use for an HDTV... *grumble*

Datschge wrote:

Factor 5 (San Rafael/USA) != Level5 (Fukuoka/Japan)

Oh wow. My mistake. Yeah, eff those guys. big_smile

#25 Re:9/11 - Where were you? Sep 12, 2007 [Open Topic] by jmj20320514

When the first plane hit, I was sitting in an art classroom and my professor was late. This was at LaGuardia Community College, which is almost right across the river from Manhattan. He came in and told the students about the attack and I remember going pale. Of course, everyone was dismissed and people throughout the building were freaking out, trying to get to a phone when their cells weren't working, relatives of WTC workers bawling... I remember it pretty vividly. Students huddled around televisions, sympathy hugs and all that. I was still a smoker back then and gave out my whole pack one-by-one to whomever asked. Saved the last two for myself and decided to suck it up, go outside and take a look for myself.

I walked the crowded bridge near the school and saw the towers, both decimated, but still standing. I was just stuck in a surreal numbness. Surveying the crowd reactions. Some people were shocked. Others laughed in jaded fashion. It was crazy. Then the first tower went down and the gravity of the whole situation just crushed me. Something told me the second one was going down and I didn't want to stay and watch.

All mass transit was halted, so I lit up and decided to start my 3 1/2 hour walk home. I remember just staring at all the buildings around me, feeling like everything in the city was made of paper. It felt like it could all come down with the breeze. It was the beginning of a pretty devastating depression that lasted a few months.

Later I found out that a friend of mine had just dropped off her best friend at the Towers before they went down. She dealt with some mean survival guilt and she hasn't been the same since.

Yeah, I probably posted this before, but it's probably the historical event I tell kids about when I'm old and liver-spotty. I gained alot of perspective on the human condition that day. Serves me good to remember, no?