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kevin_der_deutsche Feb 28, 2007

So I'm getting back into the game music world and stumbling on some treasures (Silent Hill is...awesome? How great!)

But I was wondering, what's the deal with the plethora of Valkyrie Profile stuff? Are 'Lenneth' and 'Lenneth ~ Arrange' just reprints of the original VP albums?

And a second question: Are any of the Silmeria albums worth it?

Thank you if you can help!

Ramza Feb 28, 2007

answer 1: The Lenneth OST is based on the sound that was re-mixed for PSP. Slight difference in sound quality. As far as I can tell, the Lenneth Arranged album is just a reprint with no sound change.

answer 2: I think so. At the very least, they're more diverse in sound style than SO3. I was a big fan of the Voice Mix Album (cuz that's all-time fav style of arrangement). But the OSTs are good too. Just don't expect them to be as "classic" as VP1, which is one of Sakuraba's alltime best.


Stephen Mar 1, 2007

VP: Silimeria Arranged Album is a very good album, I think.  Sakuraba mixes a bit of live instruments with his usual synth.  Some battle tracks are a bit lighter than in the game, but it is still a nice touch.

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