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jeriaska Nov 13, 2007 (edited Nov 13, 2007)

There is also a DVD included in the CD single Tsukino Akari, which is going to include the Tokyo Game Show trailer and two promotional music videos of the new theme of love arrangement.  I suppose they figure they have this full motion video, they'd might as well let people watch it on their DVD players.

Vaeran Nov 14, 2007

TerraEpon wrote:

UGH f---ing HELL!

Why must they ruin my shelf space like that with crap?



Maybe you should cry about it.

Meanwhile, well-adjusted people are happy that FFIV is finally getting the 2-disc OST release it deserves. Automatic buy for me. <3

Ashley Winchester Nov 14, 2007

Zane wrote:

I'm pretty interested in this now. Seeing Nakano and Fukui in the credits for arranging the plump 2-disc score... well, I think I just might pick this sucker up.

I'm not really a FF music buff but I have to say I'm interested as well, especially after hearing Golbez's theme in the trailer.

jeriaska Nov 15, 2007 (edited Nov 15, 2007)

That certainly seems to be the case.  It's probably worth mentioning that Nakano appears to be handling the lion's share of the arrangements.

Zane Nov 15, 2007

KujaFFman wrote:

I think Fukui only arranged the theme song.

Ah, bummer. hmm Oh well, at least...

jeriaska wrote:

It's probably worth mentioning that Nakano appears to be handling the lion's share of the arrangements.

Chris Nov 15, 2007 (edited Nov 15, 2007)

It's certainly possible that Junya Nakano is not the only arranger. After all, he is not very prolific (just look at Dawn of Mana) and these efforts tend to require some sort of bulk arrangement force (FFIII had three arrangers, Revenant Wings had four, FFTA2 had four). Although Fukui recently left Square Enix, he could have worked on this project further before leaving (having had experience in 'minimal' arrangement roles from Revenant Wings), though the success of his "Kiss Me Good-Bye" English arrangement was probably why he was assigned. Either way, I suspect a minimal effort overall (i.e. even with Fukui, no rock / techno) and don't anticipate any original compositions. Wasted potential in some ways, though with Square Enix's small team these days, the philosophy 'if it's not broken, don't fix it' tends to apply in their efforts. Excuse the abundance of parantheses in my last post.

GoldfishX Nov 15, 2007

I'll be interested because of my ties to the original. Which means I'll have every right to scrutinize these new versions. High risk, high reward. Only thing that worries me is Nakano is a composer that hasn't aged well at all to me, but this is new territory for him too, so...

At the least, I hope they do more with this than they did with FF3 DS (though I think FF4 is a much better score overall anyway).

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