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Cogo Dec 11, 2007

When I met Nobuo Uematsu in Stockholm last week, I asked him about the release plan for the third The Black Mages album. The answer I got: March next year.

So, it is decided, then?

"Yes, in my heart! I have so many reasons to be finished on time", he said.

jeriaska Dec 11, 2007

Nice!  Can't wait.

Ramza Dec 11, 2007

<3 Uematsu

Echo Dec 12, 2007

That's cool! I wonder if Mr. Goo makes a comeback...

Zane Dec 12, 2007

I'll believe it when I see it. wink Keeping my fingers crossed that this date sticks...

neotwinkie Dec 18, 2007

My Black Mages III wish list:

Devil’s Lab (FF VI)
Messenger of Destruction (FF IX)
The Dark Crystals (FF III)
Birth of the God (FF VII)
You’re Not Alone! (FF IX)
Judgment Day (FF VII)
The Fierce Battle (FF VI)
The Extreme (FF VIII)
The Dragon Spreads Its Wings (FF V)

And personally, I LIKED Mr. Goo.

XISMZERO Dec 18, 2007

I, too, liked Mr. Goo. I might detect some anti-FFVII sentiment in 3... 2... 1...

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