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Angela Jan 17, 2008

Anyone see it yet?  Holy cripes, it's both at once the most awesome yet scariest shit I've seen in cinema in a long time.  J.J. Abrams and director Reeves really nailed this sucker, and they have, in my eyes, lived up to the hype and curiosity that the movie's been receiving all along.

I don't want to spoil a thing, so you're all spared of my usual layer-on-layer detailing account...... but man, this is one crazy-ass creature feature.  Native NYC'er will likely feel the unrelentingly-potent apocalyptic effects most -- but damned if anyone watching this doesn't get an unsettling chill or two down their spines.

Zorbfish Jan 17, 2008

At first I wasn't the slightest bit interested given its PG-13 rating. I'm glad to hear its not just another junk movie for a quick $8.50. I'll check it out tomorrow.

James O Jan 17, 2008

I saw it yesterday and I'd definitely say you should go see it.  It's a different way of presenting a movie and you won't be disappointed.  If you are however, then you're expecting too much from it.  It is what it is.

jb Jan 18, 2008

Speaking of "It is what it is", JOHN RAMBO NEXT WEEK. yikes.

Bernhardt Jan 18, 2008 (edited Jan 18, 2008)

iDunno, kind of looks like another "Blair Witch Project" to me, what with the movie being delivered by the supposed camera man.

A number of people on another board made a faulty call when the trailer was first released, saying that it would end up being the new Voltron movie; the first trailer that was released was the one in which a dude walks out of a nightclub, we hear what sounds like a lion's roar in the distance, and then a giant head falls down into the street.

Voltron never involved any large metropolitan cities, so I'm glad that this didn't end up being it, and I would've hated to see them try and make Voltron more acceptable to a mainstream audience, anyway.

Still, I must admit the movie sounds vaguely interesting, so I suppose I'll end up taking a look at one time or another.

Angela Jan 18, 2008

jb wrote:

Speaking of "It is what it is", JOHN RAMBO NEXT WEEK. :O.

Definitely looking forward to Rambo.  "Rocky Balboa" has proven that Sly's still got the acting/directing chops to make this work; let's just hope that it does.

Great to hear composer Brian Tyler will be utilizing Goldsmith's original themes, too.

XISMZERO Jan 19, 2008

Monster attack = 9/11?

Anyway, I'm seeing it on Sunday night where there will be the least amount of silly kids looking to get out of their parent's watch.

Zane Feb 20, 2008

I caught this flick last night and was pretty impressed, despite the fact that a) the acting wasn't so great, and 2) the camera-work made me almost puke up a vegetarian burrito all over the girl I took to the flick. But, aside from those and one more small grievance (the movie should have ended with the helicopter crash - the cheesy dialog at the end was middle school Dawson's Creek shit) Cloverfield comes highly recommended. I really like how it was scary and a bit violent at time, but they didn't actually show a lot of the gore.

Also. Did anyone catch the very end scene at Coney Island where something flew out of the sky and into the water? That made my skin crawl.. I thought that was a GREAT way to end the flick! So, yeah. Even though it's not exactly perfect and seems amateurish at points, it's well worth seeing. smile

Kenology Feb 20, 2008

I liked it.  The half hour set-up at the beginning of the movie was really well done.  And you have to love the camera man's comic relief throughout the film.

Amazingu Feb 20, 2008

Kenology wrote:

I liked it.  The half hour set-up at the beginning of the movie was really well done.  And you have to love the camera man's comic relief throughout the film.

Really? I thought Hud was annoying as Hell, and I didn't feel for any of the others either.
The cast was definitely the weak spot of this movie, and as has been said already, it's kinda hurt by its PG13 rating.
It may sound kinda strange, but this movie needed more swearing.
That may sound like a stupid thing to say, but if something like this were to actually happen, I'm sure the f-word would feature VERY prolificly on the streets.
The movie kinda felt like it was being kept unnecessarily clean.

Just my 2 cents.

Svenlove2003 Feb 21, 2008

I definitely agree with Zane about the "camera-work".I should have warned you.It was really annoying (for me),especially in the first 30 minutes.Every people here who have seen the movie,did you stay still the end of the credits?If not,you should have....If anyone can explain me how to write in transparent style to avoid spoiling it to everyone,I have the info available for those interested who don't want to spend hours "googling" it and comparing people's theories about the last sentence and the "falling" thing...

Adam Corn Apr 23, 2008

I don't suppose there's a vocal-less version of the Cloverfield Overture out there in soundtrack land is there?  The instrumentals alone make for near-perfect monster/disaster movie music, but the soprano solo I found grating and excessive.

Good movie BTW.

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