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Cain Highwind Mar 13, 2006 (edited Mar 13, 2006)

If there's anything about the Anime One Piece I love, is the music. I finally looked up the composer and noticed "Shiroh Hamaguchi" as one of the composers. I was quite surprised. I had recently downloaded OP Movie 4's OST (which Kaizoku Fansubs offers with translated Linear notes and everything) which he composes along with Kouhei Tanaka (I'm not familiar with his work but I did find a few reviews here and at RPGFan noting his work). Call me stupid but I didn't realize Hamaguchi has such a strong resume outside of FF.

And well, their stuff is REALLY good, Movie 4's OST is mostly just a rearrangement of their TV themes but Hamaguchi's "Underground Bar, Big Hole" and the surprising battle theme "Fierce Fighting, Zoro and Sanji" is quite delicious.

But while a lot of the upbeat themes are handled by Hamaguchi, I LOVE Tanaka's softer, more emotionally packed themes. Shank's theme (from the TV series, also remixed in three forms here) is brilliant as is "If you Live".

There's such a SOLID combination here, so many "Anime fans" skip OP because of the "weird artstyle" but the music is SO good (sure it's not quite as finely varied as Yoko Kanno's stuff), at least give Movie 4 OST a listen. Much like the movie itself, it really shows the best of the TV series and why fans such as me love it so much.

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