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Boyblunder Sep 10, 2009 (edited Mar 8, 2010)

Well guys and gals, my wanted list is under 10 now, it's been a long journey hoarding all this stuff but I'm almost there. Here is my *final* wanted list and some anime and game soundtracks I want to shift, so offers / trades open and welcomed.

Wanted: (Must be complete with obi)

H25X-20015 - All Sounds of Final Fantasy I~II
KICA-7606 - Axelay
140A-7704 - Ganbare Goemon 2
KICA-7800 - Ganbare Goemon ~ New Dance of the Momoyama Shogunate OST
VICL-60065~6 - Rockman Battle & Chase OST
NACL-1195 - Shining Wisdom

Selling / Trading:

Game Soundtracks: (All in excellent condition and comes with obi)

PCCB-00029 - -Fire Emblem G.S.M. NINTENDO 3-
SSCX-10090~1 - Ragnarok Online OST (Original owner, discs used once)
POCX-1116 - Shenmue Orchestra Version
NACL-1238 - Tekken 2 Strike Arranges
SVWC-7040 - Wild Arms Original Game Soundtrack

Anime Soundtracks:

Wild Arms Twilight Venom Animation Soundtrack SVWC-1307~8 (Original Owner used once)
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki Music Collection I PICA-1003
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki Music Collection II PICA-1011
Cowboy Bebop OST 1 VICL-60201
Cowboy Bebop OST 2 VICL-60202 (Sealed)
Cowboy Bebop OST 3 Blue VICL-60203 (Sealed)
Love Hina Again OST KICA-569
Love Hina Hinata Girls 1 KICA-533
Love Hina Hinata Girls 2 KICA-557
Love Hina Original Sound File KICA-523/4
Love Hina Spring Special OST KICA-541
Love Hina Winter Special KICA-531
Makai Senki Disgaea TV Anime OST GNCA-1103 (Original Owner used once)
Tenchi Muyo! Ryououki - Ongaku Shu - Dai 3 Ki Series  VPCG-84795 (Original Owner used once)

avatar! Sep 10, 2009

I would love to know what's in your current collection smile
I know you have great taste... so feel free to share if you'd like!



Boyblunder Sep 10, 2009

Hey Avatar, you can view my current collection on vgmdb, its only about 200 strong, but it's been diluted of any crap, promos, shitty little 2 track CDs which people seem to hoard and class as a huge collection. All soundtracks on that list have their original obis and in top notch condition, except Mystic Ark which doesn't have an obi, but I'm workin on that wink.
It is a nice collection in my opinion, but very generic and because it is generic, it was very difficult and expensive to get the very popular pieces. I've had great enjoyment hunting them all down, especially in the condition they are all in. Maybe I get more enjoyment from hunting than I actually do from owning these pieces.

longhairmike Jan 13, 2010 (edited Jan 13, 2010)

hey, i have the Grandia KICA-5013/14 complete with obi. (i think it was originally dragongod's like 5 years ago)
you ended your mysic ark auction at like 8 in the morning here. how bout a partial trade

LuxKiller65 Mar 9, 2010

Boyblunder wrote:

diluted of any crap, promos, shitty little 2 track CDs which people seem to hoard and class as a huge collection.

Just curious as to which kind of promos you mean. I mean that I know, there are a lot of promo CDs among the toughest to find, so yeah really not being anal, just curious. Same for the number of tracks, I'm not sure it's a good indicator of the "beautifulness" of an item.

thanks smile

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