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the_miker Jan 13, 2010 (edited Dec 2, 2014)

I'm in the US and I ship worldwide.  Shipping fee varies by country and I'll apply a shipping discount if you buy more than one item.  PayPal only.  Email me through the forums or reply to this thread if you're interested in anything or have any questions.  Pictures are available upon request.

(You can also view my sale list over at VGMdb)


Akumajo Dracula Gallery of Labyrinth Original Soundtrack (LC-1541~2) $42
Chrono Trigger Arranged Version: The Brink of Time (PSCN-5024) $23
Cyber Troopers Virtual-On "Force" Official Sound Data - Marsinal (HR-04) $22
D2 Remixes (TFCK-87989) $20
From Loud 2 Low ~Takenobu Mitsuyoshi Works~ (HR-06) $35
GOD TRACKS! (KPDL-00004) $20
Kileak, The Blood Sound Tracks & Remix (SRCL-3496) $20
Lollipop Chainsaw: Music From the Video Game (WTM39310) $10
Rule of Rose ~ Songs from the Original Soundtrack $42
Sega Simulation BEST ~Advanced Daisenryaku Original Soundtrack~ (WM-0526) $30
SUPER 32X 15th Anniversary Album (WM-0641~3) $32
The Greatest Video Game Music (X5CD114) $5
The House of the Dead 4 Original Sound Tracks (WM-0517) $32
UNDER THE BLUE SKY ~include GRADIUS arrange~ (KOLA-091) $14

Ashley Winchester Jan 13, 2010

Nice to see someone interested in SaGa Frontier - I'm a sucker for that one since I actually like the game - I think EGM gave it a 10 out of 100, lol. Outside Diablo II and possibly FFVII it is probably the game that has gobbled up the most of my gaming hours over the years.

Still, I'm a bit puzzled - don't you have the BOF box? I know BOFIII has some arranges on it that didn't make it to the box (or did they?) but as far as I know all of BOFIV made the leap to the box.

the_miker Jan 20, 2010

Bump.  Added suggested prices.

I actually don't own the BoF box.  Maybe some day!

And yes Tommy, it does, but I'm sure mine's a lot thinner than yours. tongue

Bernhardt Jan 20, 2010

How much are you willing to give for

Klonoa 2 OST
Musashi II OST
Outer Rim

including shipping, assuming you're in the U.S. as well?

the_miker Jan 21, 2010

Bernhardt wrote:

How much are you willing to give for

Klonoa 2 OST
Musashi II OST
Outer Rim

including shipping, assuming you're in the U.S. as well?

I emailed you!

the_miker Jan 21, 2010

allyourbaseare wrote:

the_miker giving up a Sakimoto soundtrack?  What's the world coming to?!?! wink

Original post updated.  OGRE BATTLE 64 Original Sound Tracks has been sold wink

the_miker Apr 2, 2010

Added a few games and movies to the sale list, lowered prices on everything, plus free movie offer.  See original post!

Bernhardt Apr 3, 2010

Mike, I still got

Klonoa 2 OST
Musashi II OST
Outer Rim

for you, for $75 (U.S.), which includes shipping!

Still interested?

E-mail me at !

Ashley Winchester Apr 5, 2010

I'm interested in the BOFIII soundtrack as well since the version in the BOF box is obviously taken from the PSP version of the game. Correct me if I'm wrong but it comes with some stickers doesn't it?

Dragon God Apr 5, 2010

LuxKiller65 wrote:

Please someone buy that SFII album or I will have to and I can't!

Consider it done smile Can't refuse such a good set at that price !

the_miker Apr 5, 2010

Dragon God - got your email, replied RE: Street Fighter 2 CD
Bernhardt - replied to your offer via an older VGMdb message

LuxKiller65 Apr 5, 2010

Does SFII have the obi and reg card? If yes it's even more interesting for the price.

the_miker Apr 5, 2010

LuxKiller65 wrote:

Does SFII have the obi and reg card? If yes it's even more interesting for the price.

Complete with obi and longest track titles ever, no reg card though.  Currently on hold for Dragon God. wink

the_miker Apr 15, 2010

Lunar PSP sold and SF2 still on hold.  No one wants these free movies though, haha.

the_miker May 4, 2010 (edited May 4, 2010)

Bumpity bump.  All prices lowered on the remaining items!

Also, I'm selling a Sega Genesis model 2 that has a US/JP region switch on it.  See this thread for details.  If anybody's interested, I'll give STC regulars a $10 discount and both of my remaining DVDs. wink

Ashley Winchester May 4, 2010

I'm scared, someone wants the Climax Landers soundtrack. I thought I was the only one who cared about that game/soundtrack.

the_miker Jun 28, 2010


Original post updated.  Added a few new CDs and completely removed the games and movies since they're now all gone, woot!

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