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XLord007 Nov 27, 2010 (edited Nov 27, 2010)

This is what I've been playing the most of lately as I work my way through the single-player campaign.  Eurocom has done a bang up job.  Is it as good as the Rare original?  Don't be silly, but it's still a fine game, and it's nice to play a modern military FPS where the CPU isn't constantly barking orders at you -- many of levels are designed to be approached either with stealth or all out shooting, whichever you prefer (I prefer stealth).  Like the original, additional objectives are added on higher difficulties, though I wish you could get the additional objectives without the bullet sponge enemies.

The reimagining of the story to fit into the more physical Craig Bond is interesting, if not exactly welcome.  Part of the fun is seeing how Feirstein (sp?) decided to update the tale even if you don't agree with the changes.  I figure I'm about 2/3 to 3/4 of the way through and there's nothing I strongly object to although I've read some spoilers that indicate a very lame updating of 006's motivation.  But I can live with that as long as the game is fun, and it is.

Eurocom has never made a bad Bond game (this is its third -- the N64 version of TWINE and Nightfire being the other two), but this one is easily its best Bond effort so far.  In addition to multiple objectives and branching paths in levels, you're given a bounty of control options -- a fully customizable Wii Remote/Nunchuck setup, Classic Controller, Classic Controller Pro, and even the GameCube controller (the CCP is my pick).  Some of the combat tactics are lifted a little too closely from CoD (ADS lock, Breach, and instakill melee attacks), but the shooting feels right, and the sound effects and animations are satisfying.

While the single-player mode is a lot of fun, I can't say as much for the multiplayer.  Online is a rather bland CoD ripoff, and I haven't had the chance to play local (we briefly tried the other night, but got fed up with trying to sync the remotes to my friend's console).

Anyway, I look forward to finishing it, and I hope Activision continues to choose Eurocom for future FPS Bond titles.

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