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MRH72 Aug 7, 2011 (edited Aug 7, 2011)

Hi everyone!  Would there be any interest for this CD? It is the original published by Rare/Nintendo, and was only available to Nintendo Power members from my understanding.  (I can't find ANYTHING on it other than that!)  It is in it's original case as well.  Will accept best offer on it, I'm new to the site but am established on EBay and can take paypal.  Let me know if interested, I have pictures if needed!  Let me know if interested!

Thanks for your time!

LuxKiller65 Aug 9, 2011

Still biting my fingers over a copy that sold for 30$ last month, argh.

How does your best offer thingie work? It's always easy to say "someone offered more" when sending offers by email.

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