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avatar! Nov 20, 2011

I posted this on a previous thread, but I really thought it deserved its own thread.
I purchased the Dragon Knight Saga when it came out, and it has turned out to be one of the best RPGs I have played, and over the years I have played many. To be honest, it's worth picking up just for the soundtrack (included with the game for free)! However, fortunately it's not just a great soundtrack but a great game. Anyway below is what I wrote, and I don't know if other people have had a chance to play this gem , but if not, do yourself a favor and get it! $20 on amazon + free soundtrack = WIN!!

If you have a 360, I HIGHLY recommend you play the Dragon Knight Saga. Amazon has it for $19.99, and it INCLUDES the amazing soundtrack on CD for free! The press gave DKS decent, although not great reviews. Well as a long-time RPG fan, I'm here to say this is a gem that has gone below the radar. Although the world is fairly open-ended, it's far from Oblivion. The storlyine is fantastic, and it has elements that I've never seen before in a game, and it is extremely well done. The graphics are great, the humor and dialogue are top-notch as is the voice acting (take not NINTENDO... voice acting... it works), and of course, the music is a 10/10! This was developed by Larian Studios a small Belgian company. You get a very different game than you do by a large US-based company such as BethSoft. I'm not knocking on BethSoft, I think they're awesome, but it's nice to get a "different" take on the RPG (and it is Western style). I think you'll really enjoy this game. Although it's not perfect, I would still consider it one of the best RPGs I've played. They really were able to make the "fun" factor shoot through the roof. It's a good balance of challenging, exploring, and story. Anyway, this game gets my highest possible recommendation! Needless to say, if you end up not enjoying the game, I'm willing to bet you'll still love the music! However, I'm also willing to bet you'll enjoy this gem of a game... … B004JHJHCC

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