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Adam Corn Dec 15, 2011

Way, way late with this but here are the VGM releases for the month.  Any major releases I missed?

12/07: History of Sonic Music 20th Anniversary Edition  [Play-Asia]
12/10: Legend of Heroes: Ao no Kiseki Original Soundtrack
12/14: BlazBlue in L.A. Vocal Edition  [Play-Asia]
12/14: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Original Soundtrack  [Play-Asia] [Limited Edition]
12/14: Sdatcher -Inspired by Snatcher-  [Play-Asia]
12/14: Trine 2 Soundtrack Special Edition
12/21: 7th Dragon 2020 Original Soundtrack
12/21: Katamari Damacy Novita Original Soundtrack - Katamori Damacy
12/21: Sega Sound Unit H. 1st Album
12/22: Deathsmiles for iPhone & iPod Touch Original Soundtrack
12/28: Symphonic Odysseys - Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu  [Play-Asia]
12/28: Taito Retro Game Music Collection 4: Riding Hero Cluster

Pack-in and bonus soundtracks include those with Star Wars: The Old Republic collector's edition and Persona 4: The Animation Vol.2 DVD/Blu-ray limited editions, as well as the Club Nintendo platinum soundtracks for Mario Kart Wii, Pilotwings Resort, Star Fox 64 3D, Tomodachi Collection, and Wii Fit Plus.

Ramza Dec 15, 2011

FFXIII-2 just received in the mail (alongside FFXI Plus).

Yes I've already heard terrible Lake Bresha rap and terribly *awesome* (in a fun/funny way) "Crazy Chocobo." I haven't listened to the rest, but I have high hopes for the soundtrack (and the game).

And in case you're wondering, YES I feel like a chump for spending $50 on the import when the LE game in North America (total price $80) will have the 4 disc OST. An extra $20 for a full soundtrack is <3 <3 <3. I don't even know what's on the fifth disc of Japanese LE yet because I was too lazy to check. I'm guessing a DVD or a drama disc.

Adam Corn Dec 16, 2011

I'll be curious to find out if I like the FFXIII-2 soundtrack better than FFXIII (which outside of a dozen tracks I didn't care for much at all).  Not curious enough to buy it right up front though.

The currently available recordings for Symphonic Odysseys haven't impressed me much so far.  Then again Symphonic Fantasies didn't impress me so much on hearing its streaming recordings but since getting the album has become one of my all-time favorites, so I might give Odysseys a shot.

Also quite curious about the Sega Sound Unit H. album.  What's the story with that one?  Are they all-new arrangements?  And am I right in assuming the "Hiro" credited for arrangement is Hiroshi Kawaguchi?

Pellasos Dec 16, 2011

i wonder why there hasn't been a date for Symphonic Odysseys in europe yet. i'll be sad if they decided to just skip it over this time.

TheUltimateKoopa Dec 18, 2011

Has the Mario Kart Wii soundtrack been released? In otherwords, are the platinum rewards for Club Nintendo, in Japan, released yet?
If not, does anyone know when they will be?

Qui-Gon Joe Dec 20, 2011

They're Club Nintendo Platinum prizes - they'll go out when they go out.  I haven't seen them on Yahoo Auctions yet, which means they haven't been sent out.  I don't know that there was a set date given for when they'd be shipping them...

TheUltimateKoopa Dec 20, 2011

I meant do you know from when the platinum rewards will be available?

What's the earliest we should see the soundtracks spread all over the internet <_<?

vert1 Dec 25, 2011

Looks like Nintendo is spitting on music fans' faces again with no Zelda soundtrack release. Weak.

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