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Ashley Winchester Mar 30, 2012

I was wondering, has anyone here ever written a FAQ for a video game? What game was it?

I started work on an item maximization guide for The 4 Heroes of Light on the DS, which will be my second FAQ. The first one was a Soundtrack FAQ for Wild Arms 2 which had actually been done for years before I posted it; it hung out on my HD for three or four years until I got a bug to combine the three documents that comprised it.

Boco Mar 31, 2012

tri-Ace Super Fan wrote:

I write FAQs. I was most active with them around a decade ago, but I still write new ones once in a blue moon. My contributor page is here: … tml?type=1

A FAQ for Wonder Project J2? Cool! I remember years and years ago, I read a small article about that game in Nintendo Power. It sounded like so much fun and I really wanted to play it. Then, of course, it never made it outside of Japan. I should really look into getting a copy. :3

Boco Mar 31, 2012 (edited Mar 31, 2012)

EDIT: Aaand... Comcast fail. Man, I really love selling my soul for a service that doesn't even work. tongue

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