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Zell161 Apr 29, 2012

Hello smile New guy here. I was doing some spring cleaning and found some old soundtracks that are brand new/sealed. I've looked on ebay, amazon, Soundtrack Central etc. and can't seem to find a "correct" value of the soundtracks I found. Some I found for $40.00 US and others were around $200.00 US (USED) One of the soundtracks I couldn't even find for sale like it never existed or something. I was wondering if any soundtrack veterans could help me out. Thank you.

Sonic Adventure 2 Official Soundtrack - TokyoPop

Gun Valkyrie - TokyoPop

Final Fantasy N Generation (Featuring Music from FF I-VI) - TokyoPop. NOTE: This is the one I could not find anywhere.

Panzer Dragoon Orta - TokyoPop

Thanks again and help would be much appreciated!

vert1 Apr 30, 2012

I've discussed Panzer Dragoon Orta rarity and price with Secret Squirrel. It seems like it is worth a lot if sold in Japan, but not in America. There were a couple copies that popped up for cheap on Amazon ($20). I've been able to snag prior copies for less. I think it has the illusion of rarity.

GoldfishX Apr 30, 2012

I had trouble selling Gunvalkyrie for $5 in near mint condition. Good luck unloading that one.

Ashley Winchester Apr 30, 2012

I've seen Final Fantasy N Generation snag some decent prices before.

Still, if you're looking to sell the best advice I can give is don't get your hopes to high - especially with Tokyopop soundtracks. I'm probably not alone on this but I'd pay or try to obtain the Japanese originals over them if one exists - this isn't the case with N Generation since the songs are from various albums.

This isn't to say there's a market for American releases like this but it's generally a bit diminished. One of examples from my collection is the Rockman DASH soundtrack. The original Japanese release ran me $40 but the pan-asian Freeton release that ended up being sold in some stores in America around the time of the game's release cost me a measly $9 even thought the music on the disc is identical. That's not the best example per say (there are some obvious authenticity issues surrounding the Freeton pressing and Toykopop soundtracks are known to be official) but it showcases what version collectors are more drawn to.

Also, when it comes to VGM I've often found it's better to be the buyer than the seller.

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