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jb Jul 1, 2014 (edited Jul 1, 2014 by Adam Corn)

Since I went to that Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddess orchestra thing they had a few years back, I've been getting a constant stream of newsletters from Philadelphia's "The Mann" outlining new musical performances, etc etc.  Typical ad stuff, but I have noticed a pretty decent selection of modern, popular soundtracks that people may be interested in, so it may be worth signing up for their newsletter and/or keeping yourself up-to-date with their calendar.

They recently announced a Pokemon Symphony, which could be interesting:

In the past they've done the Zelda symphony, a Star Trek Into Darkness orchestra, and a Gladiator orchestra.

Anyway, anyone in the NY/NJ/PA tri-state area may be interested in this and/or watching it in the future.

Ramza Jul 4, 2014

I'm on that same newsletter from The Mann that you're on. I went to Symphony of the Goddesses (original version, not season 2) and truly enjoyed it.

Pokemon Symphony is coming from the same team: Jeron Moore, Chad Seiter, etc. If you like Pokemon music, it should be pretty solid.

I just wish those guys would do an album release and not just shows. smile

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