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jb Jun 23, 2006 (edited Jun 23, 2006)

I got mine in the mail the other day and watched some pieces here and there while grabbing the audio.  It's pretty cool, never was a big fan of FF vocal music but the instrumental pieces in between are pretty good.  The FF Doowop in the middle of the set list was just weird and felt out of place.  And I think for whatever reason they played One-Winged Angel twice at the end, both times with Black Mages.  I didn't hear any difference really, maybe one was from FFVII:AC and the other from FFVII, dunno.  It's just labeled on the DVD tracklist as "Second Advent: One-Winged Angel (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children)" in the Encore section.

I also got the bonus disc version but I didn't even put it in the DVD player.  I think it's an interview with Arnie and Nobuo or something, probably not subtitled so I skipped it.

Overall pretty cool to have an FF concert on DVD to watch, they should definitely put out more of these and not just for FF series (Dragon Quest?!).  Maybe it's a growing trend yikes.


Qui-Gon Joe Jun 23, 2006

At the concert itself, the FF Doowop was pretty awesome.  Also, the two OWAs were because the crowd was going insane and they wanted to do yet another encore and had nothing prepped (same thing they did at the Chicago concert, from what I heard).

Can anyone give me more specifics on the second disc?  I saw the set yesterday and wanted to research what the difference between the versions is.

KujaFFman Jun 24, 2006

The second DVD is called "the other VOICES", it has a 40-minute behind the scenes movie (that makes the one from the first DVD useless) and two interviews with Nobuo Uematsu and Arnie Roth.

The concert is very good. Finally we can hear some new arrangements! I think the climax of the live is FFXI's opening theme and Distant Worlds. What a brilliant song...

Carl Jul 6, 2006

Wooo, I like how you get both a 2-channel mix and a 5.1-channel surround mix!
That's a first for a vgm concert dvd, yay

Cogo Jul 11, 2006

I finally got the DVD today. It was worth getting the bonus disc because the documentary is much longer on that one. Very good indeed. Interesting to get Nobuo Uematsu's view of the concert day.

The concert was great and the production very good. Some of my favorites are "Prelude", "Final Fantasy XI Opening Theme ~ Distant Worlds", "Kiss Me Good-Bye", "Maria & Draco" and "Advent: One-Winged Angel".

This DVD better be released in English version.

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