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charmed699 May 27, 2008 (edited May 27, 2008)

Hey guys,

A friend of mine over in Japan recently did  me a huge favour of searching trusted shops for Sonic soundtracks and got me the Sonic and Knuckles soundtrack.

What is confusing me is that someone on another forum has it but the insert and CD are completely different. I was hoping any of you that has the soundtrack then could you take some photos of the cd,insert,back and front for comparison?

Thanks a lot for any help  and the music is quite different from traditional sonic soundtracks somehow but really like it. smile

Almost forgot but here is the photo of the soundtrack that the other person own.

Shoe May 27, 2008 (edited May 27, 2008)

Can i call you Charmander699 instead?

Or maybe ChimpMander699?

( :

xanadujin May 28, 2008

That one is different from mine too.  Maybe there was a picture label release for it?

- Justin Pfeiffer

charmed699 May 28, 2008

Thanks Justin as mine might be the same as yours which problably means we have the right one or there are different versions like you said.

Here are photos that I took of mine today. smile … 302863757/

Can you tell me if it is the same as yours?

Thanks and charmander699 does sound funny mate but I cant promise to be able to spit fire. wink

xanadujin May 29, 2008

Yep, yours is the same as mine.  I bought mine brand-new back in '97.  As far as I knew, ours was the only version.  Hm.

- Justin Pfeiffer

charmed699 May 29, 2008

Well thanks for looking into it mate as it surely means it is the authentic soundtrack. smile

The music tracks have been growing on me quite a lot mainly and it really sounds nothing like in the game. I really like how some are named like "Boss the boss". tongue

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