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jb May 4, 2006

I saw it posted and updated at GMR and a couple japanese sites have minimal info on it.  What is it? Is it a performance from Japan or the US? big_smile


KujaFFman May 4, 2006

It is a DVD for the "VOICES" concert that took place last February in Japan... as the name implies, it was mostly made of songs. I heard that the show was amazing and I can't wait to get this DVD!

lordskylark May 5, 2006

Is it a fanclub item?

Also, on a side note, is that Black Mage II Live DVD out? Anyone have it?


Carl May 5, 2006

Semi-related topic:

Speaking of the Voices concert, there was a promotional compilation CD offered at that show, to those who bought 2 or more albums at the item sales booth.  It's called "Square Enix Music Sampler" with 29 tracks, 28 of which are normal songs found on their respective albums, BUT... the last one is an exclusive appearance not contained elsewhere!

So the question is, what that bonus track contains...  It seems to be about one of the executives in charge (Tanaka?) at Squeenix's offices who is "singing the blues"?

Here's the full copy/pasted text from the Yahoo Japan Auction, although sadly the auction ended before I could get a bid in though.  Catalog Number looks like SQEX-2006P. … pler_1.jpg … pler_2.jpg

2/18にパシフィコ横浜で1日だけ開催されたイベント『VOICES music from FINAL FANTASY』で、

ファイナルファンタジーシリーズのほか、「聖剣伝説」「ゼノギアス」「CODE AGE」「SAGAシリーズ」など


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