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ftealucard Apr 18, 2009

Hi all
Haven't posted in forever but figured this might be the place to go for some help.  I'm looking for a good controller for the pc, preferably playstation 2 style with a good d-pad for fighting games, since I'll mostly be using it for fighting games/emulators.  I've been using the thrustmaster firestorm dual power gamepad for years now but my second one is starting to go downhill.  The right direction on the pad isn't registering.  So I was thinking of trying to find another one, however amazons prices seem to go up and down, saw one a few months ago for $30 and recently another for $80.  Now the problem is there were 2 models I've owned, one with sort of a stubby directional pad and another with a great genesis style pad which is definitely the best pad next to the ps2's I've ever used, every move or whatever I've tried to execute with it always came out 100 percent.  This one had a button in between the analog sticks that I usually programmed as start and the digital/analog button a rectangular button in the middle of the controller.  That stubby model didn't have that extra programmable button and instead had the dig/analog button in between the sticks.  The good model of which I am on my second as stated above has 11 buttons not counting the pressing down of the analog sticks as buttons.  It was great because these extra triggers on the bottom below the equivalent l2/r2 buttons could be used as start/select in a nes emu or the trigger in n64 for example.  Sorry I'm quite wordy in explaining things but is there another pad out there equal to the thrustmaster?  I'll probably end up trying to find it again using the model number of my current one, just don't want to pay an arm and a leg for it.  I could hunt down a good ps2 adapter I guess but I wouldn't have those extra triggers and the one I use to have wouldn't let me use the d-pad, just the analog sticks.  Oh and I'd like turbo if possible too, for mame games.  Yes I know I'm picking here but for me, the more buttons, the better.  I read reviews of a few , some saitech ones and a few logitechs but they don't seem available in stores to test out and I don't want to order a bunch of controllers til I find the right one.  Who knows, perhaps a good ps2 adapter would be the way to go.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

Ashley Winchester Apr 18, 2009

My friend had an adaptor that allowed him to use a PS1/PS2 controller on the PC; I think he got it at Radio Shack but that was long ago. I'd like to find one as the Playstation controller is probably my favorite controller, then the SNES considering their simular set-ups.

The only thing about the PS controller is it is terrible for fighters with half, quarter and full circle motions like the Street Fighter Alphas. My thumbs take quite a beating though it's fine for Namco fighters that use sole directions and button presses.

As for made for PC controllers, Mircosoft's Sidewinder works well enough and like the genesis/saturn six button is better for fighters with three punches/three kicks. The USB version is still probably out there, the serial port one I have is sucking dust since I have no where to plug it into in more modern computers.

Angela Apr 18, 2009

Hey, long time no see, alucard!  I made a similar inquiry a while back, so this thread might be of some help to you.

As for myself, I'm still religiously using the Logitech Precision.  It doesn't have the frills you're looking for in the Thrustmaster (i.e. no analog sticks or programmable buttons), but it is a ridiculously solid design.  Especially for fighting games; as said, the d-pad is a wonder, and has served me well for every emulated game I've played.  Being a USB plug and play, it's also perfect for 2D fighters on the PS3, such as SSF2 HD Remix and Street Fighter IV.

At only $10 a pop, it won't break the bank either.  As far as reliability, mine has had nearly two years of rigorous use, and it's still going strong.

Idolores Apr 18, 2009

Angela wrote:

As for myself, I'm still religiously using the Logitech Precision

Angela gets the biggest wireless high five I can muster. I been using the same pad forever now! Consider this a second recommendation for the thing! big_smile

ftealucard Apr 19, 2009

Thanks everyone
Well guess I don't really need analog sticks since I never use them and my friend has an x360 pad we can use for games/emus that require them, although they do help with some 360 degree SF moves.  I'll grab that logitech straight away though.  With only 6 programmable buttons, I suppose genesis start or snes start/select would have to go on the keyboard? No big deal though.  Oh yeah, no turbo on the logitech right? Oh well can't have everything.  Turbo in mame beat em ups would be nice, all I actually play is beat em ups and fighters, as many as I can get my hands on.

Idolores Apr 19, 2009 (edited Apr 19, 2009)

ftealucard wrote:

With only 6 programmable buttons, I suppose genesis start or snes start/select would have to go on the keyboard? No big deal though.  Oh yeah, no turbo on the logitech right?

No, man. Mine has 10 programmable buttons. Got the four shoulders, the four face buttons, and also the buttons where Start/Select would be. You should be fine, my brother. big_smile

Edit: Alas, no turbo, but I wouldn't be surprised if Logitech pumped out a turbo equipped variation of the same pad. Maybe do a search on their site, see what comes up. big_smile

ftealucard Apr 21, 2009

Oh sorry about that, the amazon page said only 6 buttons.  Wonder if the rumble pad 2 or dual action pad would be the same?  Has more buttons and one review said the pad is the same as the Precision.  Really wish I could try these out, although think my local ebgames has the rumble pad.

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