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Esper Blue Oct 4, 2011 (edited Nov 13, 2011)

Here are CDs that I have for sale.  For some CDs, I have no idea about the cost.  Please send me an email with what you're interested in, your offer, and I'll send you a total by PayPal

Brand New CDs: (CDs I never opened but intended to)

WM-0501: Shining Force Neo Music Collection
KDSD-00024/5: Baten Kaitos Original Soundtrack
CPCA-1087/8: Gyakuten Saiban + Gyakuten Saiban 2 Original Soundtrack 
SSCX-10097/8: Sword of Mana Premium Soundtrack with Bonus Disc
CPCA-1075: Storm of Progear Original Soundtrack
CVST-0005: Pink Sweets Original Soundtrack
SCDC-00358/9: F-ZERO GX/AX Original Soundtracks
PCCG-00459: F-ZERO X Original Soundtrack
Lost Child: Side B
Lost Child: Side X
Front Mission 1st Special BGM Collection
Radiata Stories & tri-Ace Battle Collection
Ibara Original Soundtrack with Original Figure (Both unopened)
Zan: Kagerou no Toki OST, soundtrack to a Super Famicom game.  Motoi Sakuraba & others, with several arrangements.
Ganbare Goemon 2 '89 OST. 
Beyond the Beyond OST.
Tales of Symphonia OST
Phantasy Star Online 1&2 OST
Dark Chronicle Premium Arrange CD
Sonic Team Live Unplugged 2004
ENCG-0001 Maneuver Cepter Granada OST Limited Ed. Reprint (music by Motoi Sakuraba)
ENCG-0002 Daiva Image Album / OST
Tales of Destiny 2 Box OST (First Print)
Megaman/Rockman X1-6 Soundtrack Collection
Megaman/Rockman X7 Original Soundtrack
SBPS-0006 Hako no Niwa OST
SVWC-7190 Full Metal Alchemist PS2 Game OST
Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne First Print OST
Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne Maniacs OST
CPCA-1089 Gyakuten Saiban 3 OST (with limited edition bonus disc)
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Limited Edition OST
ESPGaluda / dodonpachi DAI-OU-JOU Remix CD
Famicom Sound History Series: Mario the Music
Breath of Fire V 1st Print Limited Edition Box

Used CDs (some with prices):

Arc the Lad Twilight of the Spirits /w obi like new, $14
Mario Tennis Original Sountrack (Enterbrain) excellent /w obi: $25
Sword and Sorcery Original Drama/Soundtrack /w obi, very good $4
Guardian Angel Sound Collection, w/ obi, excellent $8
Super Godzilla Super Famicom OST /w obi, excellent $11
Langrisser III Song Album /w obi, excellent: $11
Ancient Roman: Power of Dark Side OST  /w obi and special card, excellent  $8
The Adventures of Robin Lloyd OST /w obi, excellent: $8
Viper Phase 1 Original Soundtrack /w obi, like new $36
Shining the Holy Ark OST (no obi)
Star Ocean & Valkyrie Profile Soundtracks: The Best /w obi
Another Mind OST (no obi)
Final Fantasy XI Original Soundtrack Box (excellent w/ original outer sticker preserved inside (cut it out of plastic overwrap instead of discarding)).
Star Ocean Till the End of Time 4 album Box set (OST part 1 and 2, arrange and remix with box to store in, all CDs with obi's, exc) $80
Battle Bakraid OST (mint /w obi) $65

Games (Japan):
Seiken Densetsu 3 ROM cart -- demo version of the sequel to Secret of Mana (a really cool kind of interactive game trailer)  $55.00
Star Ocean Blue Sphere GBC (biggest GBC game ever made in terms of cart size).  Complete.  $45.

Games (USA): List coming soon.

.hack// PS2 game set of all 4 games, with strategy guides $68
Star Ocean Till the End of Time PS2 in box with strategy guide ($27)

Radiant Silvergun Promotional VHS tape (label is in Japanese.  It appears to be the TV commercial).
Tales of Symphonia Limited Edition USA Promo Lithograph about 12 by 20 inches.
Art of Tales of Symphonia
Art of Xenosaga Episode Part 1
2x Namco Official USA Xenosaga Episode 1 Lithographs, one of Chaos and one of Shion.  about 12 by 20 inches each.
Tales of Symphonia complete gashapon figure set (brand new)
E3 .hack Promo Magazine from 2004ish?

Please email me with your offers.  Everything is subject to change.

I will consider discounts for buying in bulk, and even provide free shipping and insurance on top depending on the size of the purchase.

Thanks so much.

Crash Oct 4, 2011

Something tells me that Soukaigi soundtrack isn't going to last very long...

Ramza Oct 4, 2011

Crash wrote:

Something tells me that Soukaigi soundtrack isn't going to last very long...

indeed indeed. Let's see if I'm first to email (prolly not).

But that's not the only item I'm interested in, so please check email Esper Blue! smile

Esper Blue Oct 8, 2011

Soukagi sent to you Ramza.  Ironically, I think it might even be your copy.  I did buy a lot of CDs from you on STC in the past.  Who knows?

Anyway.  Updating the list with the following:

Shining the Holy Ark CD (very good)  $100
Motoi Sakuraba Star Ocean & Valkyrie Profile Concert CD, signed by Sakuraba, and his 2 band-mates.  With Japanese certificate of authenticity.  Brand New except to be signed.  $300.

Ramza Oct 9, 2011

package received. You are the king of bubble wrap, and I love the postcard too. smile

If I were rich, I'd also buy Shining the Holy Ark from you. That's a great asking price, and it's great music. But I can't shell out for it. I hope someone else takes. smile

Esper Blue Nov 13, 2011

Thanks, Ramza.  And thanks to everyone else.  It was my pleasure to deal with you.  I am also very happy to hear about your satisfaction.  Anyway, I would like to announce I added a substantial amount of items to the list.  And more will be coming very soon. For the items that don't have prices, feel free to make me an offer.  If I find it to be respectable, I will sell you the item for that.  Thanks so much for your time.

SLN Apr 24, 2012

Hi from France,
Looking for battle bakraid ost.
Have you sell it yet ?

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