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Offical: Gamestop Sucks!

Of course we knew that already, but still it's good that they're getting negative publicity. … -list.html

" And in the end, GameStop proclaims, “We reserve the right to refuse any return.” "

yeah, that's not really that bad. How about:

And in the end, we reserve the right to open games and take out whatever the hell we feel like it and still sell it as new!


Re: Offical: Gamestop Sucks!

You know, I sing this kind of stuff from the rooftops, but then people expect it out of me and usually don't want to hear it. Still, I completely agree.

Where to begin?

Selling opened games as new, this is nothing new. Sorry GameStop, if the game is new I want it in the original wrapping. I don't care if you need a demo case for the sales floor and you're trying to sell me the last copy - I won't take it. You could a least knock a few bucks off the thing...

Additionally, I have a former co-worker that now works for the GameStop that sits right next to where I work and she tells me she's allowed to open a game and "borrow" it. It's not hard to imagine that it probably ends being sold as "new" as well.

Furthermore, don't get me started when they started putting the price labels on the insert of a used game rather than plastic flimsy cover. Brilliant.

Anyway, I don't deal with GameStop anymore. Since they stopped carrying GBA and PS2 games around my area the only thing I'd look at is the PSP and I pretty much got what I want for the system. I also hate their in-store news channel that tries to sell me the latest piece of crap from soulless, big name puplishers.

I'm sure some are sick of my touting the mom and pop shop that opened in the neighboring town but I love it to death. Gamestop killed all of these and it's great to see one return the f---ing favor. Additionally, it's nice to actually see and know the owner and have the ability to haggle. It's also nice to have a place to get the older games and systems without resorting to eBay.


Also, I know it's a bit of a nick-pick but does anyone else get a little annoyed when they try and put a GH edition of a game in a black boarder case or vice-versa?

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Re: Offical: Gamestop Sucks!

I find it funny how it seems that American (and Canadian?) Gamestops seem to suck with their somewhat questionable policies and customer services*, but Gamestops in here Finland seem to be ok. At least I haven't heard much negative stuff about them.

But that "We reserve the right to refuse any return." sounds just plain wrong, even if they have right for it.

*This seems to vary from place to place, and I do know at least one GS worker who isn't complete total ass douchery at customer service.


Re: Offical: Gamestop Sucks!

Last time I was in a GameStop store was a couple years ago, got into a pretty heated verbal argument with the dick employee about what makes a game "new."  I left the store when he said (referring to the last copy of a game he was trying to sell to me as new) "All you're missing out on is the Japanese air."  I'm sure some of the employees are cool at certain stores, but I haven't found that to be the case around here.


Re: Offical: Gamestop Sucks!

the_miker wrote:

"All you're missing out on is the Japanese air."

Nice. I'd told him I collected Japanese air.

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Re: Offical: Gamestop Sucks!

We reserve the right to refuse any return.

I'd like to see them try to maintain this argument in court after they're found to have tampered with the product and removed contents without disclosing it to customers.  They'd lose as long as the judge/jury wasn't bought off.