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Crash Nov 12, 2011

OK, it's that time of year again: time for the annual STC gift exchange.  Those of you who have participated in the past know the drill, but if you haven't been involved in he past, here are the details.  This is copied from last year's gift exchange thread.

1. If you want to participate in the exchange, just reply to this thread.  Include your user name and e-mail address in the reply, or say that you want to be contacted through the forum e-mail.  If you want to go through forum e-mail, make sure that your profile is set up so that you can receive e-mails through the forum.

2. The gift exchange is open to regular members, from the past or the present, in any country.  If you have some history on the site from a while ago and left, but have since come back, that's fine, but if you just joined the site for the first time two days ago, you will not be eligible for the exchange.  If you are a regular member, but have not participated in the gift exchange in the past, you're welcome to do so.  The more people participate, the better it gets.

3. The sign-up will be open through 11:59 p.m. EST on November 30, 2011.

4. Here's how the exchange works:  The people who sign up will be put in a random order.  Each person will get a gift for the person listed below them on the list, and get a gift from the person listed above them on the list.  The person at the end of the list will give a gift to the first person on the list.

5. You should communicate with both the person getting your gift and the person you are giving to as soon as you are matched up.  Ideally, the gift should be something VGM related.  A typical gift is a single legitimate VGM album, which may be new or used (in good condition).  Bootlegs and CD-Rs are not cool.  Usually, it's best to ask the gift recipient what he or she is looking for, and see if you can give something from that list.

6. Ultimately, the gift that you give is up to you.  If you want to give more than one CD, or you want to give a rare OOP CD, that's perfectly fine.  On the other hand, you should not expect the person who is getting you a gift to give you his cherished sealed copy of Super Mario RPG or SaGa Premium Box.

7. Try to send out the gift so that it arrives before Christmas, unless you have made other arrangements with the gift recipient.  For example, the recipient may be out of town the week before Christmas, and may want his or her gift after Christmas.

If there are any questions, post them here in the thread.  Happy holidays!

And I am submitting my entry here:

Use forum e-mail

Ramza Nov 24, 2011 (edited Nov 24, 2011)

I was debating it this year, but I decided to go for it.

So, count me in! forum email (which I believe is milkshakeman {{at]] juno ^dot^ com

Crash Dec 1, 2011

And the order is set!

Crash will be getting something for Ramza
Ramza will be getting something for Boco
Boco will be getting something for avatar!
avatar! will be getting something for vert1
vert1 will be getting something for Herrkotowski
Herrkotowski will be getting something for Yotsuya
Yotsuya will be getting something for Crash

Please contact the person to whom you will be sending the gift to find out what he or she might be interested in.  Enjoy, everybody!

Ramza Dec 17, 2011


Thanks so much Crash. This is rad.

The person I sent out to ~~ you should be getting two separate packages. Hope you like what comes your way. smile

Herrkotowski Dec 19, 2011

Received my package in the mail today Vert1. Definitely looking forward to sitting down and giving it a listen.

vert1 Jan 7, 2012

Got my package from avatar! today. 2 cds are better than 1! Much thanks.

Boco Jan 12, 2012

Almost forgot to post!

I got SQ Chips and FFXI ~Memories of Dusk and Dawn~ from Ramza! Thanks, man! big_smile

avatar! Jan 15, 2012

Boco, sorry I forgot to thank you! Your package was MIND BLOWING! Seriously, I don't even know how to thank you properly!! Definitely, the most fantastic soundtracks I have ever received in an exchange!! YOU my friend, are truly awesome big_smile

Crash Jan 23, 2012

Another package arrived today...and I am very impressed.  That was certainly worth waiting for.  Thanks!

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