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Yotsuya Dec 7, 2011

Hi- I am a little new to the VGM collecting scene, so as I have been looking around for certain soundtracks I have seen prices go up and down on various items, and I thought it might be cool to have a spot on the forum where we could post bargain sightings for items that you may not be interested in getting at the moment but you could let others know about.

For instance, for awhile I was interested in getting the Tobal 2 soundtrack, but it was listed on for somewhere between $75-150 (I can't remember). But I ended up snagging a really cheap copy on the same site later for around 1000 yen, albeit without an obi. However, there are still several super-cheap copies on … ition=used
One copy that ships international is 700 yen!

Also I came across an old slightly beat-up rental copy of Super Mario World on yahoo auctions japan: … n106879684
Starts at 1000 yen, 3 days left, and one bidder so far.

So let's see if this catches on. If you already have Super Mario RPG (or whatever), but see a copy for peanuts, post it here and then we can fight like hyenas over it!

James O Dec 26, 2011 (edited Dec 26, 2011)

it would be nice if us regulars over here in North America could buy from Amazon Marketplace or YJA but we can't... sad  (without going through a proxy)

(If we could I'm sure I would be broke by now trying to get all the special items I want)

GoldfishX Dec 26, 2011

Wow, I remember I had a copy of Tobal 2 for sale for like 2-3 years, asking around $15. I have trouble believing it would go for that much.

Yotsuya Dec 27, 2011

Yahoo auctions is one thing, but I think anyone can sign up for I just googled for signing up and this is what I came up with: … -japanese/

The only limitation is where the sellers will ship to. When you paste the item descriptions in google translate it will let you know if they ship to the US or not, and then it's one click away, and the shipping isn't too expensive.

Sorry I didn't catch your copy of Tobal 2 while you had it up. I am late to this game, so probably most people already have the albums they want, while I am starting from scratch. As far as the value goes, people just charge what they think they can get. The actual value of any album is based on how much someone wants it at a particular time, so it's not really fixed. If someone doesn't think they can get it cheaper, they might be willing to pay a lot, and sellers know this. At the bottom of the lists on amazon listings there are often a few items with 'English speaking' in the description, and their price is usually many times the cost of other listings... quite a convenience fee!

Boco Mar 23, 2012

Are those CDs legit? I wasn't sure, but that's a nice price if they are. yikes

Yotsuya Mar 23, 2012

Got mine in the mail, it's legit. So legit it even says 'not for resale' on the back! d'oh!

It was a pack in, so maybe some people just don't want it.

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