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Ramza Jul 14, 2013

Hello everyone!

So, elsewhere on this forum, about a week ago, I posted this 3.5 hour video playlist covering a ton of music from CAVE... … eo-series/ (that)

I detailed in that story that I was facing the likelihood of having to sell off my personal collection, which is the 37 albums published by CAVE from 2003 to 2012, excluding drama albums or albums whose content is fully found in other albums.

Well ... check out this google doc. … sp=sharing

That's the collection. I have all of that safely stored away at my house. And, though it truly pains me to do it, I'm placing them for sale here. It's everything. It's complete. Well ... it doesn't have the new Saidaioujou Arrange album and non-CAVE publications. But other than that, it's pretty exhaustive.

There's a "Condition" column in that spreadsheet. Unless otherwise noted, the condition is as follows:

1) Complete (everything's there: obi, ad cards, other extras)
2) Opened / Used at least once (some items I bought sealed, others I bought secondhand. All of the discs have been used at least once to rip the audio to my PC)

You'll also note the four price columns. Those columns are:

"What I Paid" -- pretty self-explanatory. This is how much I paid, including shipping, for the item. I received a few items as gifts, hence the $0.
"Market Value" -- a semi-educated estimate based on prices I've seen on Y!J Auctions, Amazon Japan, etc. Availability plays into the market value as well.
"Personal Value" -- After listening to the music and examining the packaging/artwork, I rank and increase or decrease price from market value accordingly (generally, decrease)
"Average" -- A mean average of the above-three categories

I'd like to sell the collection for $1500. Free shipping (and trust me, that's a big expense for 37 CDs!) within continental US and Canada. Will have to discuss shipping costs for anyone international. In any case, I will bubble-wrap and overpack the heck out of this one, layering between each jewel case, etc

If after 90 days, nobody is willing to purchase the entire collection, I will try to sell the items individually or in smaller groups. Consider the following, however. If the collection is sold to one person:

1) that person will receive a USB stick of all the music ripped at 320k cbr mp3, tagged and ready for iPhone or your other favorite music devices.
2) that person has the option to attempt to sell these CDs at a profit, esp if they already have some of the items, or split the cost.
3) that person, given good standing / reputation in the community, is free to set up a payment plan (example: $300/month over 5 months).
4) that person, should they be willing, will automatically qualify for the highest Kickstarter reward tiers when my Kickstarter campaign for Stasis Concerto launches.

Yes, that's right: Stasis Concerto. I also posted about this earlier. I'm developing a visual novel with a heck of a lot of talent behind it: … -concerto/

And that magic number, $1500, will cover the costs for the creation of the opening theme, including a rich, layered vocal performance from Emi Evans (NieR etc). I started collecting the CAVE albums before I even had the idea to create the game. By the time I'd nearly completed the collection, I'd begun development on Stasis Concerto, and was handling expenses out of pocket. That's when I came to the conclusion that I would have to sell the CAVE collection, but at least I could pass that money on towards development of the game prior to the Kickstarter fundraising.

Having the opening vocal completed prior to the Kickstarter launch (Q4 2013) is imperative. Many of the musicians working with me have proceeded on good faith and at risk, deferring payment until further along. That isn't the case for everyone, however, so this $1500 will go a long way to making the music to Stasis Concerto very successful. If one person purchases this set of music, they will also receive early access to rough recordings and the final recording of the vocal theme, long before it's heard (in a 30 second clip) on the Kickstarter campaign.

Please contact me using (or use forum PMs) with any offers. Please spread the word about this sale to anyone you think may be interested! I am flexible with payment and offers, let's talk, let's make a deal, etc!

Patrick "Ramza" Gann

PS - I'd like to recognize the following individuals/groups for helping me amass this collection (which took me over a year!):

Yahoo! Japan Auctions
Shopping Mall Japan
STC member "Crash"
vgmdb Marketplace

Razakin Jul 21, 2013

Damn, this really would be awesome way to start a CAVE music collection, but sucks that you need to sell your collection. But if that helps you make your game, then I guess it will be worth it. Can't wait for the kickstarter to drop a buck or two depending how much money I have spare.

Ramza Jul 31, 2013

Hi all,

Just wanted to let everyone here know that no offers have been made yet. I'm willing to entertain different ideas or offers, though again, I still HIGHLY prefer to sell the albums as one collection.

If you're even kind of interested, please contact me so I know there may be some people out there interested in procuring the collection.

Patrick "Ramza" Gann

Ramza Aug 20, 2013

4 albums sold so far. 33 to go. Take a look!

(I also remembered that I had to replace the original jewel case on a new/sealed DODONPACHI DAI-FUKKATSU OST [white label] that shipped from Japan with poor packaging, so I lowered the listed price on that from $70 to $50. Everything is immaculate, but the jewel case is replaced, sans the interior tray the disc is in, that stayed intact thru the ship).

Ramza Aug 22, 2013

I just figure it's not the original jewel case so I'd knock the price down.

I also got a small credit from the eBay seller that sent me that, so I thought I'd apply it and pass the savings forward.

Ramza Oct 31, 2013


I had 9 albums on hold (according to vgmdb sale list) that have now had their hold released since the potential buyer has fallen through. Please be sure to check out!

Ramza Dec 14, 2013

December bump -- this sale continues -- I haven't gotten much of any activity. Please keep in mind, those prices are a *guideline* -- haggle to your heart's content! The key is to sell the lot so I have enough money to hire the lovely Ms. Emi Evans to sing the theme song for Stasis Concerto. smile

Ramza Dec 18, 2013

5 albums sold, including the pricey gem Dodonpachi Saidaioujou/Maximum 2disc OST.

23 albums remain. Get on 'em while you can! Xmas is a good time, and a time where I tend to be *generous* with deals...

Ramza Mar 25, 2014


18 albums remain, and they really all MUST go! Feel free to make lowball offers. I'll counter of course, but maybe we'll reach pleasant deals. Some notable items still available are...

Akai Katana OST
Deathsmiles iOS OST
Dodonpachi Black Label Arrange Mode album (the arrange album from Jake "virt" Kaufman)
Muchimuchipork W / PinkSweets W OST
Mushihimesama Futari OST … w&userid=8

GoldfishX Mar 25, 2014

I'm surprised ESPGaluda is still around. I remember that one going for $100+ a year or so after it was released.

Ramza Apr 22, 2014

I've sent you a reply PM, vert. Using the stc forum mailer. Check it. smile

Ramza Apr 23, 2014

So people know I'm serious, I just sold a CD I paid $60 for (still the current market value on Y!J ...) ... to vert1 for $20.

If that gives you a taste of the discount powers at hand here, maybe you too will take a look at what remains and nab some CDs.

Here be those details again. … ring#gid=0

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