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American Nightmare May 21, 2010

I bought this CD for $50 from another member of this board a few years ago.  Not sure what it's worth nowadays, but it's still near mint through and through.  No obi (not sure if it ever came with one), but otherwise complete.

More info here:

Please reply here or send offers to american.nightmare at



LuxKiller65 Jul 23, 2010

Hey hoy, if anyone is interested, I have a new copy for trade, factory seal is slightly fucked up.

LuxKiller65 Aug 25, 2014

After a long time, I managed to find a factory sealed copy of this thing.

Didn't know where to post since VGMdb has no entry for Kiddy Hearts so I'm posting here, might be of interest to someone out there.

Factory seal comes with a horizontal pull tab at the bottom, hard to see in the pics. Left part of the back has an ugly seal overlap, very easy to damage or tear apart.

Bottom and top edges have a classic y fold or whatever it's called smile

Rrolack Mar 8, 2016

I got this album today.  The arrangements and fun and whimsical - seems like an enjoyable listen!

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