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Kakichi Jan 10, 2014

Hey guys, long time lurker, haven't posted much. Just wanted to let you know that I've got two albums up on eBay for sale if you're interested:

simply look up my eBay ID: kakichi

Xenogears       Didn't/forgot to mention that there's no OBI included, I brought the CD back with me from Japan just incase I had the SQEX reprint, which I didn't, so this is just a duplicate copy. Don't even have the OBI for that one either sad

FFXIV: Before Meteor     Completely new, received a second copy as a gift. Still shrink wrapped.

If anyone here is interested, let me know. I'll throw in free shipping within the U.S. for members here! PM me here or purchase the item on eBay and let me know you were referred from this post! smile   I've got 100% positive feedback, so I hope that shows I can be trusted.  I've also got a LE version of FFX soundtrack I've gotta get listed but don't have with me to do so.

Any questions, just let me know!

Ramza Jan 10, 2014

oy, that FFXIV Before Meteor is expensive.

... is what I thought, til I realized it's 6 hours of music and the retail yen cost certainly justifies your selling price. Ah well... I'll just have to wait until I'm not piss-poor ... which may be never.

Kakichi Jan 10, 2014

I'd think the same thing! It's about the going price ($50 + $7) to get it straight from one of the Japanese sellers. I just wanna make my money back since I got one for free anyways! smile

It is a good soundtrack, not my favorite, and certainly not as memorable as say, World of Warcraft's soundtracks, but if you're a collector like myself, just gotta have a copy of all the FF albums! smile

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