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LuxKiller65 Mar 24, 2018 (edited Mar 24, 2018)

Hi, these are my unwanted albums.

I can guarantee the discs are at least in very good condition and 100% playable, but I can also guarantee the contents have some kind of damage (insert and/or booklet and/or spinecard and/or other contents). Also, the cases are damaged and/or in bad condition and/or replacement cases.

I'd be happy trading each lot for a single album, or even both lots for a single album, depending on the value. I'm after Konami stuff, Castlevania stuff, older PCCB albums and older VGM in general. Hope we can work out a trade, it helps me make some space at home.

If you need more information about condition, please ask. Also, hey listen, ppst look at me, I've got more stuff for sale/trade HERE.

Lot 1: 12 albums -- PHOTOS HERE

PCCB-00152 // Garou Densetsu SPECIAL Image Album Part 1 // condition is actually OK (this is a SAMPLE version)

PCCB-00155 // Garou Densetsu SPECIAL Image Album Part 2  // condition is actually OK (this is a SAMPLE version)

PCCB-00154 // Light Bringer // water damage

PCCB-00264 // D-Xhird -Arrange Sound Trax- // water damage (this is a sample VERSION)

PCCB-00003 // SAINT DRAGON // no manual, front insert+back insert damage

VDR-5282 // Namco Video Game Graffiti Volume 4 // water damage

VICL-15004 // Namco Game Sound Express VOL.3 Finest Hour  // water damage

TKCA-71705 // Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 Original Sound Track // case cut to avoid resale

SRCL-2969 // Vampire: The Night Warriors Arcade Gametrack // water damage

SRCL-3552 // Magical Circle Guru Guru 2 Original Game Music // condition is actually OK (this is a SAMPLE version)

KICA-1382~3 // Rogue Galaxy Original Soundtrack

KHCD-1900 // TV Game Superhero Collection // condition is actually OK

Lot 2: 4 albums -- PHOTOS HERE

SRIN-1073 // Megami Tensei Gaiden Last Bible Soundtrack // spinecard+back insert damage


WM-0574 // GALAXY FORCE II & THUNDER BLADE ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK // spinecard+back insert damage

BY30-5207 // SUITE GRADIUS Fantasia // no manual, front insert+back insert damage (this is a SAMPLE version)

LuxKiller65 Apr 1, 2018

Nobody? Some of these will look much better just by replacing the case with a clean one sad

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