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vert1 Jun 6, 2017 (edited Jun 6, 2017)

Do people compare and contrast their enjoyment of reading a game soundtrack director interview against other music composers; i.e., movie score composers? I actually think the sound effects persons tend to have the more interesting stories (like the Sega scream story where a guy yelled Sega for 3 hours in a room). The layout for that linked interview above is so good that it just couldn't work any other way: look at the way the interview text is pleasantly broken up with the small embedded youtube videos aligned to the left and right side of the page's text column instead of the typical center placement, and then the picture of the artist gets placed smack in the center to create a diagonal pattern that adds freshness to the downward scroll process. But that's dealing with the layout design while ignoring the subject matter....

The composition of game music seems far more fascinating to read than a movie score could be. There's the learning the workarounds and the oddity that is the otherworldliness of synthetic sound design. I'm curious if anyone finds reading videogame big band sound teams (or orchestra) interviews, for what are essentially now arranged game soundtracks, less fulfilling on a fascinating interview basis against the OGs of VGM.

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