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The_Paladin Dec 1, 2013

Figured I'd point out this to anyone else who might be interested.  It's over at  You get 24 soundtracks if you pay at least $10, which includes Braid, Kentucky Route Zero, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Rouge Legacy, Mighty Switch Force 2, Papo y Yo, Gaucamelee!, and The Stanley Parable among others. I'm not familiar with a majority of the content in the bundle, but for the price I jumped on it. There's an option of 5 set ones for $1, but with some good ones in the second tier I would suggest spending the extra money.

GoldfishX Dec 1, 2013

Anything in there that comes highly recommended? I'll be the first to admit I'm not particularly up to speed on the indie scene, but these are always a good deal. It would be nice to see a Nintendo or a Falcom offer these type of bundles on their old albums.

Amazingu Dec 1, 2013

The only one on that list I'm familiar with is Braid, and it has a very nice soundtrack actually.
Can't speak for the other ones though.

Adam Corn Dec 1, 2013

Braid is the only one I've heard also but I would absolutely recommend buying the 5 for $1 bundle (and even offering a little extra) for it alone.  A few beautiful tracks on that one.

I'm gonna buy it right now myself in fact.  Have always wanted to have it in FLAC instead of MP3.

The_Paladin Dec 1, 2013 (edited Dec 1, 2013)

Played Braid as well and can echo that sentiment. Also in the $1 part I've played Dust and Rogue Legacy; Dust was enjoyable in-game, I have to listen to it stand-alone to see how it holds up, and Rogue Legacy is ok but not sure anything particularly stands out.  Kentucky Route Zero is a weird mixture of a minimalist soundtrack with blue-grass vocal (not my usual style, but Long Journey Home is a nice jaunty song).  I had never played Gaucamelee! but it has really stood out with it's techno-Mexican style and thus far is my biggest reason to suggest upgrading. Mighty Switch Force 2 is fun up-beat techno, just sampling seems to have a disco-house style, though there is some dub-step as well. Papo y Yo is very South American, slow tempo stuff mostly.  No idea what Shimsham is, but the jazz-scat soundtrack is certainly interesting too.  I definitely need more time to listen to it all and process them rather than skip around.

TerraEpon Dec 2, 2013

I would have paid $10 just for Guacamelee!
Ironically it's been on Bandcamp since September but my ignorance to that (as I was looking for it in August and didn't look after that) means the $10 is a 'better' deal....or something given the sheer amount of music in it.

Adam Corn Dec 11, 2013 (edited Dec 11, 2013)

Only two days left on this.  I almost forgot about it myself and just got around to buying the five for $1 bundle yesterday.  As far as I know this is the only place the Braid soundtrack is available in lossless (that doesn't require some kind of subscription).  I paid $5 myself, would have considered more but I have no idea yet what the other four soundtracks are like.  Here's the link again:

Addendum: I just listened through most of Dust: An Elysian Tail (one of the other albums in the bundle) and it is very nice as well.  In short there is really no reason on earth not to buy this collection, and I do recommend volunteering a few extra bucks as it is well worth it.

TerraEpon Dec 11, 2013

I've been going through this and unfortunetly most of it is (as somewhat expected) either boring or really crappy.
Still, Guacamelee! is mostly great, and based on the game, Dust is as well. The one I was impressed with most is Papa & Yo. Super Ubie Land is pretty good too but seems to start off strong and get more meh as it goes on.
Still have another 16 to go though.

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