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Rrolack Jan 8, 2017

In addition to VGM, another of my hobbies is watching video game speedruns, where a player will try to beat the game as quickly as possible.  Basically, for any game that popular, there will be a community of speed runners who try to push the world record time as low as possible.

If you've never watched and speedruns, it so happens that the biggest speedrun "convention" is happening all this week.  A ton of games are being run, and you can watch them all here on twitch: … sdonequick

Here's the schedule of games being played (it's on 24 hours a day):

Zane Jan 8, 2017

The four-way 100% Super Metroid run should be interesting, and I'm curious to see if there's any new tech in the Mega Man 6 run, but that's about all I'm interested in this time around. (TBH I'd rather just rewatch Bonesaw's Jak and Daxter run from SGDQ'16.) Please post back if you catch any awesome runs this week that are worth checking out!

longhairmike Jan 9, 2017

sadly, this is the only way i have time to enjoy games anymore... having a speedrun or TAS video of a game running on youtube in the background while i work. While listening to a soundtrack will certainly evoke fond memories of a game, when you add in all the background sound effects and the typewriter 'b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-beeps' of the text appearing in the bubbles (think enix rpgs), it takes you back just one step deeper, even if the screen isnt on the foreground of your puter.

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