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Alex Dec 6, 2007

Games in Concert in the Netherlands is coming up this weekend, and they have some surprising things on the program including music from Grandia II, Soul Calibur 2, and more.  Are any of you going?  More importantly, are any of you planning on recording this in person or on the radio?  Check out the set list on the second page:

Amazingu Dec 7, 2007

Wow, that rules. I'd have never expected anything like that from the NCRV.
Why do they only do this when I'm OUT of the country!?

Cogo Dec 7, 2007 (edited Dec 7, 2007)

I give them credit for including such a cool piece as the opera version of "Moon Over the Castle" from Gran Turismo 4. Nice that they also perform Shadow of the Colossus, but I'm wondering which piece they chose for that one. "Roar of the Earth" is not the title of any track.

I wish I could attend this concert, but with 7 concerts attended this year and way too far away from Sweden, I won't. I can't complain about this year, anyway smile

By the way, does anyone know how to listen to the broadcast?

Marcel Dec 7, 2007

Damn, if I had known that was there, I would have totally left London for that.

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