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Angela Jan 29, 2006

Gamespot's most recent TenSpot features a genre of gaming that I hold of particular interest: music-rhythm!  Naturally, I've got my own ideas as to how my personal listing should go, but all in all, they've compiled a pretty solid listing:

Gamespot's TenSpot Top 10 Rhythm Games
PaRappa the Rapper (PS)
Samba de Amigo (Dreamcast)
Ossu! Tatakae! Ouendan (Nintendo DS)
Gitaroo-Man (PS2)
vib-ribbon (PS)
Guitar Freaks (PS)
Bust-A-Groove (PS)
Frequency (PS2)
Guitar Hero (PS2)
Dance Dance Revolution: 3rd Mix (PS)

The inclusion of Ouendan, Gitaroo-Man, Guitar Freaks, and Guitar Hero gets instant approval from me, although it's surprising not to see any Beatmania or Pop 'n Music in there.  DDR 3rd Mix was a wonderful choice, but MAX2 might have made a close second in the series consolidation.  Bust-A-Groove 2 slightly edges out its predecessor in my book, if just because the scoring system got its act together.  Also, PaRappa, but no Umjammer?  Sacrilege!

So, how about it?  You're given the chance to vote on Gamespot itself too, so what music-rhythm games would make your personal top ten list?

Qui-Gon Joe Jan 30, 2006

Angela wrote:

Also, PaRappa, but no Umjammer?  Sacrilege!

Parappa vs. Umjammer is a difficult comparison to make for me.  Umjammer is unquestionably the better made game, what with the timing of the button presses actually making sense and whatnot, but Parappa just seemed far more memorable and charming overall.  Both games were more interesting than Parappa 2, though.

shdwrlm3 Jan 30, 2006

Also, PaRappa, but no Umjammer?  Sacrilege!

My thoughts exactly.  I actually thought UJL had more interesting characters, and it didn't hurt that I much prefered the guiter-based gameplay over the rapping. Oh well, they partially make up for UJL's exclusion by including Vib Ribbon.

Both games were more interesting than Parappa 2, though.

No love for noodles, then? I thought PaRappa 2 was okay, but it was a huge disappointment following Um Jammer Lammy.  UJL managed to have PaRappa stages in addition to the main game, so I expected at least as much for PaRappa 2.

No Para Para Paradise or Dance Maniax?! How dare! ^_~

I finally got a chance to play Dance Maniax a few years ago, and it really was quite addictive.  Of course, I looked even more foolish playing it than I do playing DDR, partially because the arcade cabinet was so small, forcing me to stoop a little to reach the lower sensors >_<

As for my own picks, I'm kind of surprised that neither of the Space Channel 5 games made it on the list, particularly SC5 part 2. Go Space Michael!

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